Tickled pink

I’m not usually a big fan of pink.

But when Nature takes her paintbrush

And lights up the bowl of the sky with a rainbow of  pinks…

Well, who can resist?

And, judging by the looks of things,

I wasn’t the only one who was tickled pink

By the vibrancy of the sunset.

Who says November is always grey?

For more multi-coloured skies, please visit: Skywatch.

110 thoughts on “Tickled pink

  1. This November has been the best one I can remember in terms of clear, sunny mornings and only slightly overcast afternoons, followed by colourful sunsets. Of course we don’t get the pinks down here – ours are much more in the yellow and orange spectrum. Yours are just stunning – like looking through a rose coloured lens.


  2. wow what a vivid and deep color of pink…a treasure in the sky…great last pic too of pups…makes for an interesting frame with the forefround, lake, shore then trees and sky….


  3. Who can resist indeed! Such a glowing, spirit- lifting sky! Happy dog, too! This kind of beauty is not seen as frequently in November — at least here in Seattle, but when the colorful skies do arrive they are SO appreciated and enjoyed! Thanks for sharing yours, Fiona! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of lovely skies!



  4. Your photos are wonderful, and you have a gift for words, as well! The ballet slippers hanging in the tree! I am never going to look at tree seeds the same way again! And the image of the ducks bathing in the purple…


  5. No one can resist such a beautiful play of nature. Even I don’t like pink much but this one is magical. The perception of grey November is definitely proved wrong again.

    Lovely shots!!!
    Thanks for bringing colors in my morning!


  6. Now these beauties certainly put me in the pink!!!

    WoW…even the dog know a great thing….just breathtaking sweetie!

    God bless and enjoy this wonderful day!!! :o)


  7. I personally LOVE pink and a bunch of other colors too.
    this is gorgeous. my sense is that when we are amongst a sunset or rise like that, well we are never the same, it becomes part of us. So very beautiful are your photographs.


  8. Thank you for sharing the sky which is stained deeply with the best-loved color.
    I’m glad to see your adorable companion standing among that color.


  9. What a fantastic view! It’s Novemver but it’s like cherry blossoms in the sky. Glowing “by the vibrancy of the sunset” like a mist or like a cloud, cherry blossoms are drifting as a fragrant veil. I’m so happy to see the sky like this.


  10. Magnificent captures, as always, of Mother Nature’s finest hours, ladyfi. Thank you! We’re both tickled today with images of our goldens too.


  11. that last shot is outstanding!; as is the first one, of course. it’s just the composition in the last one, i think, that lends it a touch of “sweetness”.
    great pink!

    happy weekend!


  12. Oscar wanted to see how he’d look in pink! (And he looks great – the lake and sky do, too.) A pink moment in time to make us gasp in awe.


  13. I am back catching up with all my favourite blogs now we have finished our olive harvest and as always have found some stunning photos here, but this one beats them all for me as unlike you I am a fan of pink especially in nature.
    By the way, thanks for your recent comment the harvest was a great success.


  14. I came back tonight and have been looking through your blog and all your beautiful pictures. I am sure you hear this all the time, but It is a joy to look at your work. Beautiful!


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