Take four young men and some crispbread.

Put them on national TV in Sweden has got talent.

With no clothes on.

Result? Hilarity!

This video is making the rounds on the Internet at the moment, especially in the USA, where I gather such nudity wouldn’t be allowed. Here it was a brief moment of laughter for everyone watching – and that was mainly families with kids. As most Swedes are very open and at ease with their bodies, this was considered nothing unusual.

We did laugh, though, until we had tears rolling down our cheeks!

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48 thoughts on “Nudity

  1. hahaha….that was brilliant!!! Can you imagine what Simon Cowell’s face would look like if they appeared on Britain’s got talent!!

    C x


  2. was that SO funny! SO funny! I really laughed! and there was one girl in the public chewing on her sun glasses… oh, well… her face was very expressive :D. I found this video very nice, not at all offending – well done! thanks for the entertainment!


  3. I´m reading this at work and can´t see the video, but you can be sure I´ll check back later at home….
    Telling from the comments, this must be really funny!


  4. Wahaha I cannot believe the “….Talent” vibe has hit Sweden too, but if they allow that kind of thing then it must be cool.


  5. I love the way Tobbe tries to throw in a replacement when one of the crispbreads breaks – and the look on his face: Priceless!


  6. Dear God, that was funny. Over here, in prudeville, that could never happen. The censors went bonkers when Janet Jackson flashed a pasty. Imagine what they’d do if they saw that? Being of Swedish decent myself, I stand proud, metaphorically speaking, of course 🙂

    Awesome post . . . still laughing.


  7. Just based on the title, i won’t be scrolling down the page to read yesterday’s post. *shudder* But the naked dancing people?! Sign me up for the giggles!!! LOL They get a vote from me! :p


  8. That was hilarious! I am not sure if that was real talent or not, but they are funny and I give them points for dancing nude.


  9. Oh, that is the funniest yet! And you most definitely TOTALLY BEAT America’s Got Talent! I got here late this round, but I’m glad I made it in time. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!!!


  10. Oh if Americans could be a lil less uptight! This was so funny. And I also enjoyed listening to the different language, so beautiful!


  11. Very amusing! Their talent was limited but it was worth it more to see the reactions of the audience and judges!!


  12. Ah, the Swedes. 🙂 You can always tell them on vacation — they’re the ones that change their clothes right at the pool, to the horror of the Americans.




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