An April sunset

Of soft ribbons in the sky

Crimson beauty

That blush as they kiss

The still surface of the water.

Crimson 1

A lone tree and I

Enjoy the sight of a double bridge

Of crimson beauty.

Crimson reflection 1 copy

For more loveliness, please visit: Skywatch.


105 thoughts on “Beribboned

  1. Gorgeous, breathtaking skies and the perfect words to match, as always! Thanks for sharing the beauty! And what a great way to start my day!! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy!


  2. You asked about the snow in my pic today…I took that last Saturday…it was in the upper lakes basin, at about 9000 feet elevation. In town, the snow is just about gone except in a few shady areas. The lakes in the lakes basin are still frozen over…but are melting fast. Kelly loves the snow so she was in seventh heaven when we were up there. The roads had just been cleared up there for the first time since winter began…


  3. Beautiful!!! “Beribboned,” what a perfect title for this collection! Makes me think of the quote by Ann Ruth Schabacker, “Each day comes bearing its gifts. Untie the ribbons.” 🙂


  4. The colours in these shots are fantastic, lovely images. I also like the images of your dog above the post. Beautiful. Have a nice weekend.


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