Postcards from May

The wood anemones are out in full bloom.

I love this kind of traditional, living fence —

Usually made out of juniper or spruce here in Sweden.

Calm mornings are to be savoured —

I love the buoy art behind the dogs.

It’s still quite cool – but the ticks are thriving!

Now and then, the sunset is stunning

And I drink it all in till my cup is full.

For more moments to savour, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

44 thoughts on “Postcards from May

  1. Hello,
    Great fence shot, the flowers are pretty. I love your dogs and the pretty sunset. Take care, enjoy your day!


  2. Fiona, that living fence is gorgeous!

    Love all these photos. I am so envious that it’s still cool there because over the weekend we got hit with temperatures well-over 96 degrees and 80% humidity. Even though it’s still May, it feels like August.

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a fantastic week! 🙂


  3. Lady Fi – fabulous reflection shot! Don’t talk to me about ticks! I inevitably come home with at least one from my walks in the woods!


  4. The anemones and the spruce fence are so lovely to see. The ticks are a negative but I can fully understand you drinking in the beauty of the sunsets. (Helen)


  5. Third time I am trying to comment and I hope this one works as I rebooted. I’ve never seen a fence like that here in the United States. I enjoyed your sunset photo, too – as always, beautiful.


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