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Postcards from August

Cone you feel it?

Summer is coming to a beautiful end.


Golden days

End in golden hays (and a dog purveying his kingdom).


The bees make even

The humble onion flower bee-utiful.


Our walk ends with

A dewy heart.

Summer is leaf-ing – and so are my bad puns!


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Fire in the sky

The sun goes down —

Not quietly


But in a fierce splash of red.

A bird floats across the sky.


Fire can also be peace.


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Sun dogs

Ruby is getting her mojo back

And enjoying our lake sunsets again.


Under supervision, she jumps up

On rocks for treats.


And, of course, both dogs

Are used to our photo sessions at sunset.


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Summer idyll

Let me tell you the story of summer —

Of long, hot evenings and herons skimming the sky.


It’s a story of dogs and a lake


And the sighting of beavers swimming in the pink-tinged water.

It’s the story of sharing a beautiful sunset


With a stranger, who had driven all the way to my small part of the world,

From Russia with his family.

And now it’s a story I share with you.


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Purple haze

After the rain —

A sky full of wonder.

After the rain.jpg

Puddles of lilac


And a purple haze in the sky.


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The Silver Stallions

Last week, I stayed in a charming village a couple of hours north of Stockholm.

I discovered a sculpture of silver stallions with half moons on their heads.


As the sun set in a purple haze,

Those half moons seemed to scoop up the real moon.

It was a lovely sight!


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Orange love

One day, a golden light burst onto the scene.

Ruby kindly posed (along with a strange shadow creature).


The sky drew lines and swirls

Against an orange background


As the dashing duo posed in the hope of a treat.


Please note: I’m only posting once this week due to work (am away filming) and taking care of Ruby. She had a uterus infection and had to have an emergency operation to remove her uterus and ovaries. The operation was a success, but she needs looking after.

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Sunset love

A stunning purple sunset —

And puppy kisses:


What could be better?


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Outside looking in

The Old City of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia is very old.

Dating back to the 7th century, it has been built and re-built over hundreds of years.


It has a wide variety of churches and other buildings —

Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

Old church.jpg

The restored roof tiles look good

Against the old stone.


The city walls were built in the 14th and 15th centuries

And encircle what is now the ‘modern’ city of Dubrovnik.

About 42,000 people live in those old houses and flats!


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Making a splash

Late summer evening —

The sky is sizzling as the sun goes down.


It’s hot.


If you’re a dog, then you run,

Jump and enjoy!


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