There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light. ~Rumi
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Dawn’s misty ribbons

Isn’t it amazing how quickly Nature can change?

One minute trailing soft ribbons of pink

Misty ribbons

And the next surprising the eye

With blueberry swirls and orange pop.

Orange pop copy

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Feast for the eyes

Walking through Lisbon is a delicious feast for the eyes.

Wherever you look, there are tiles and mosaics

Golden tiles

And beautifully decorated shop fronts

Like this one – it’s the oldest cod cake shop in Lisbon.

Cod shop

And the colour — so warm and delicious

Like this lemon sorbet building;


Or deliciously purple

And happy.

Purple splash

Even the faded old grand buildings near the harbour

Glitter with the gold of the setting sun

And transform into beauty.

Gold copy

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Circle of life: memories

At the end of this week, it will be a year

Since my dearest furry friend, Oscar, left us.

This is one of my favourite pictures of Oscar:


Life is busy with two dogs, work and kids —

But sometimes, when I least expect it,

I’m overwhelmed by loss.


Other dogs have come into my life (Ruby and Simmie) —

Not to replace Oscar —

But to fill life with their own brand of friendship.

This is Simson diving — a younger version of Oscar:

Simson dive

Because that’s what love does —

It expands the heart and makes room for more.

Oscar and I

I’ve got a very busy week ahead and will be away with work – so I won’t be around to visit you until the end of the week.

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The sentinel

A strange pink glow

Beckoned me out into the storm.


There on the rickety jetty,

Was a lone goose

Staring out into the sunset.


It was a moment full of poignancy and beauty.

Just him and me

And the whisper of autumn.

Goose 2

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From the jetty

The view from our jetty

Is sometimes alive with colour and mist and geese.


Sometimes, it offers minimalism

And quiet contemplation.

Bird at dawn

One of my favourite moments

Is when the mist leaches the world of colour

And flings me right into the middle

Of a Chinese silk painting.


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The invitation

Wide skies of

Red and purple

Wide skies

Invite us to drink

In the wonder and beauty of nature —

Sunset lake

And, of course, if you’re a dog,

To take a dip in

Rose-tinted water.

On jetty

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Giant bowls of sunshine

Water lilies grab all the attention —

So I thought I’d show you the beauty of the giant water lily pads.

They are a good background for flowers,


And if you flip them over,

You can see how complicated they are

Under their smooth, green exteriors.

Underside lily pad

They seem to catch the light

And act as big bowls of sunshine.

Bowls of sunshine

Up close, when reflected,

The rims of the giant lily pads

Are two lips gently kissing the water.


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Surreal gold

Early morning —

And mist floats like a golden scarf

Over the lake,

Golden mist copy

Turning my world

Into a surreal painting made of light and sun.

Surreal copy

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Amazonian beauty

The botanical gardens in Stockholm

Have a round greenhouse, and every year,

If you’re lucky – you can see the world’s largest water lily,

Victoria Amazonica, in bloom.

Upside down

The large domed roof of the greenhouse

Filters the light so that the room

Is filled with a magical green.

Magical green

Some of the lilies were

Just peeking out of their pods


While others had already unfurled

Into petalled perfection.

White lily copy

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Orange beauty

There’s nothing better

Than strolling along the beach

Orange sun 1

And drinking in the heady beauty

Of a fierce orange sunset,

Sun setting 2

While the pink balloon of the disappearing sun

Turns waves into silk.


All photos taken while on holiday in Baleal, Portugal, this summer.

For more orange surprises, please visit: Skywatch.


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