Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots. -- Rumi


Splashes of colour

Every November, we forget how gloomy it can be.

So we need to find small moments of joy where we can —


Be it a serene lake and a dog;


Or the orange burst of a boat

And its perfect mirror image.


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Blue-tiful autumn

I like the autumn skies:

With a dog or two


And without!


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The English countryside

When I was in England recently, I went on a long walk

Along the banks of the river that snaked like a silver ribbon

Through the Sussex countryside.


It was a hazy, warm day.

Bramber castle and adjoining Norman church

Lay nestled in an autumn tinged valley.


One of the bushes next to the river

Was humming with bright yellowhammers.

(If you look in the centre of the shot, you’ll see their bright yellow wings.)


And, of course, no trip to Sussex is complete

Without a picture of the sheep grazing on the Downs.


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Spooky skies

Early morning mist

Drapes the trees in pink scarves;


And when the sun breaks through,

It’s spook-tacular!


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Autumn creatures

Let me take you on an autumn walk —

Through crunchy leaves and quiet fields of deer.


Down to the lake we go,

Simmie leads the way to upside-down peace.


Further along, Ruby – Queen of jumping on stones –

Poses in front of a tree in full foliage firework.


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Autumn’s blush

Autumn’s lilac blush


In the early morning

Brings peace.


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Upside down autumn

I drink in the autumn beauty

Of upside down leaves with dog;

Upside down.jpg

Of torches made of leaves


Lighting the way slowly

But surely to winter;


I sing the days of

Autumn’s glory.


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I have a very busy week ahead so may not get round to commenting on your blogs.

Those fly-away skies

As the sun rises,

The glorious trees glow in the light.

Distance 1.jpg

Geese call to each other;

Their reflections dot the water.

Distance 2.jpg

Peaceful skies return when they disappear.

It’s hard for the sky to compete with autumn

At this time of year.


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Autumn perfection

I could live in

Autumn forever – couldn’t you?


Just look at the view of those trees

Behind the dogs!



Dear friends – I’m off to England on Saturday and will be away for almost a week due to family reasons. So I won’t be posting or visiting much.

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Fabulous fog

I tried to grab some fog …

And I don’t think I mist!


I love the way fog

Transforms everything:


Trees, dog, and boat.


Ruby’s favourite pastime

Is to jump up on tall rocks

And wait for treats (fog or no fog).


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