Summer idyll

Let me tell you the story of summer —

Of long, hot evenings and herons skimming the sky.


It’s a story of dogs and a lake


And the sighting of beavers swimming in the pink-tinged water.

It’s the story of sharing a beautiful sunset


With a stranger, who had driven all the way to my small part of the world,

From Russia with his family.

And now it’s a story I share with you.


For more shareable moments, please go to: Our World.




67 thoughts on “Summer idyll

    1. The family drove for three days to get to my little spot of the world, in Sweden. They camped along the way and were at the local camp site next to the lake when I met them. They intended to drive through Norway and then back home again. (A long journey!)

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  1. It’s just so beautiful!
    I enjoyed your narrative/writing and your wonderful photographs.
    I wonder, will we learn more about your visitor?

    All the best Jan

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  2. Oh, what a beeeeeauuuutiful story, Fiona! I so enjoy how you can tell a story using very few words yet, the story always feel complete.

    These photos are STUNNING! The first one literally took my breath away.

    Thanks again for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a grrrrreat week! 🙂


  3. Gorgeous shots of the water and sky. As we head into September and it signals what is to follow, Fall and then the cold winter….I already miss Summer and it’s still very, very hot here in Ohio. The Hummingbirds will soon be departing so will be missing the Summer nature.

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  4. I am taking on this day, Sunday, with thoughts of your sunsets and images of your dogs and your friend from Russia. Intention for the day: Stop. Enjoy. Listen. Take pictures. No rushing. Until the free time is interrupted by the tasks for the day…. and then remembering that I am not promised the beginning and ending of each day, each moment. Time marches on some days I see the sunrise. Some days I don’t. Some days I see the sunset. Some days I don’t. And so it is.

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