Midsummer throwback

It was midsummer last Friday, but – of course – celebrations were cancelled.

So let’s enjoy some views from midsummer past:

Ancient buildings and soft skies (Dubrovnik).

But midsummer is best in Sweden

With dancing around the maypole

And musicians donned up in their finery.

For more celebrations, please visit: Our World and Skywatch.


39 thoughts on “Midsummer throwback

  1. Fiona, what a delight to revisit these wonderful images! I love them all, yet that first one of the ancient building and soft skies is such a stunning view!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a fabulous week! :


  2. I hope the situation would be far better next year for the celebrations.
    I know how colorful and fun it should be then. Thanks for lovely shots from the past.


  3. Here’s to the future dancing around the maypole! I have big things planned for 2022 Summer so we’d better all be all singing and dancing by then!
    Wren x


  4. Hello,
    Your photos are wonderful. It is sad the celebrations were cancelled.
    Take care, enjoy your week!


  5. The photos of maypole and a man in his finery is stunning. Wish dancing around the maypole next year.



  6. Lady Fi – love the maypole picture. Right now, we are rejoicing with the rain that is breaking the heat wave! I could dance around a Julypole!!!


  7. Oh, these are lovely atmospheric impressions! Warmest thanks for sharing. Visiting you wonderful country during summer is very high on my bucket list.


  8. Lovely images. Blue sky of hope, your Swedish image. Surely 2022 will bring a healthier world. [Helen]


  9. Midsummer Day passed without mention this year. And the big annual party that is usually CANADA DAY on July 1 was a scaled down affair due to Covid restrictions and the sad news about the unmarked graves of indigenous children. Better hopes for a big party in 2022.


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