What I learnt from Venice

Tired of all my Venice photos? Good – neither am I!

What I learnt from Venice:

When we give people (or nature) the space and love they need

They can go their own way and create something wonderful.

Go your own way copy

Going off the beaten path

Leads to new wonders and perspectives.


Handle with love —

A philosophy that makes life more beautiful.

Love handle

And, sometimes, in the midst of ruins

Treasures can be found.

Old door copy

For more beauty, please visit: Our World.



113 thoughts on “What I learnt from Venice

  1. No, Fiona, I’m not at all tired of your Venice photographs, so keep them coming 🙂

    Both these photos and what you’ve learned from Venice are beautiful and so inspiring. I love the distressed and rawness to the architecture that you captured because you can really feel the rich history.

    “And, sometimes, in the midst of ruins

    Treasures can be found.”

    You are SO right about that. Also, the photograph of the door handle reflecting a heart is brilliant. Great eye you have!

    Thanks so much for sharing and have a terrific Monday!


  2. You eye and eagerness to see what is hidden from the norm is what makes your photography simply amazing. These images are so beautiful from structures, to slight mist – love (like your photograph) them! Have a beautiful week~


  3. Tired?!! of travel, seeing wonders?…neh…nope…not me!! I have the most confortable chair in front of “the magical eye” through I can see your lovely visions captured there… trust me!! A good week, just like always!


  4. I love the top shot … it feels as if I could step right into that scene. The watery narrow passageways, ornate touches and exposed brick buildings have a special enchantment only Venice can bring.


  5. Oh, I love all of these — as always!! They’re the next best thing to being there myself!! And thank you, as always, Fiona!! Hope you have a wonderful new week!!! Enjoy!


  6. Next to Paris I think that Venice is my favorite city…There was a time in my life I lived in an apartment off a Venice alley similar to that in your first photo, it is the kind of memory that lasts forever; you did an amazing job of capturing that feeling.


  7. Nothing in the world like Venice.
    It is a city in which your skin absorbs all the beauty. You never tire of walking looking for the lost corners.
    Your pictures help us understand that city. I know back there someday.

    · hugs

    · LMA · & · CR ·


  8. i agree … when i visited Venice on my last day there i went wandering, got lost and had a wonderful somewhat scary few hours til i found my way back to the hotel …


  9. Fiona, I know that there are 100’s of books on Venice with photos, but these surpass EVERYTHING I have ever seen!! Breathtaking.


  10. That long view of the canal is just wonderful, Fi – the crumbling beauty of those buildings. I knew you would take me there with your photos.


  11. The crumbling decay of Venice is so much a part of it’s allure! There is really no place on earth just like it, with its mystery and unique history. I could never tire of seeing photos of it, Fiona. It is my favorite place on earth!


  12. Stunning images of the most wonderful city in the world and so amazing that despite the amount of tourists one is still be able to find this unique corners. Wonderful.


  13. This is the only way I am going to see it, so keep them coming…..they are gorgeous. LOVED this first one!!


  14. You are so right about giving people time and space for them to develop into who they should be. Thank you for this beautiful look into Venice. Your second image with the light coming down the canal is just wonderful – such light, such calm, such feeling. Beautiful.


  15. I was half contemplating a too expensive excursion to Scotland, but think perhaps I should visit Venice instead. Your photos just take my breath away. I’ll never get weary of them.


  16. Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots of Venice…one place I know I will never see, but in photographs. Have a great day!


  17. Wow.. such stunning, moody images. How I love the colours in the first.. the mood in the second and the heart of the third. Beautiful.


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