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A rainbow sunset

Sunset at just gone 14.30 today has its perks.


The grey cloud lifted to reveal rainbow reflections, ice on the lake

And, of course, a posing Ruby.

(All photos taken with my mobile phone.)


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Golden crunch

The gloomy grey weather continues …


So, I’m looking back to October’s golden crunch

When leaves floated on fog


And grass crunched underfoot

As we enjoyed the view.


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Golden goldens

We finally got some minus temperatures and diamond-studded grass

As the sun peeked over the horizon at gone 8 am

Turning everything into gold.

Frosted dogs.jpg

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November gold

November has been a time of

Mellow fog and bare trees.


The golden coins of leaves

Lie on the ground.


Stubborn mists

Give the scenery (and Ruby) a misty quality

And make the golden tones of dog and reeds pop.


We finally had some icy weather

But that doesn’t stop Simmie from taking a swim.


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Pretty in pink

Trees rise out of the early morning fog —

They seem to be floating in the rose-tinged dawn.


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Orange you glad it’s November

Our November has been mild and misty

With burnished tones.


Sometimes the sky burns orange

As the geese honk their farewells.


And a stray leaf

Falls gently on orange fur.


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The sonata of light

Hark! I hear the trumpet call 

Of delicious autumn light.

It calls me through the mist

And drenches me with its music.

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Splashes of colour

Every November, we forget how gloomy it can be.

So we need to find small moments of joy where we can —


Be it a serene lake and a dog;


Or the orange burst of a boat

And its perfect mirror image.


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Blue-tiful autumn

I like the autumn skies:

With a dog or two


And without!


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The English countryside

When I was in England recently, I went on a long walk

Along the banks of the river that snaked like a silver ribbon

Through the Sussex countryside.


It was a hazy, warm day.

Bramber castle and adjoining Norman church

Lay nestled in an autumn tinged valley.


One of the bushes next to the river

Was humming with bright yellowhammers.

(If you look in the centre of the shot, you’ll see their bright yellow wings.)


And, of course, no trip to Sussex is complete

Without a picture of the sheep grazing on the Downs.


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