Holy mackerel

Sometimes, you are privileged to see something so spectacular that it takes your breath away. (And makes you miss your bus to work.)

The sky hangs so low that you can reach up and pluck a cloudy fruit.

Its silken canopy lies reflectively in the serene waters.

Sometimes the view is so perfect that there are no words to describe it.

You just have to stand still and drink it all in.

After all, there will be other buses, but this fragile beauty is a gift.

Click each photo to see the sky in its full glory.

For more gorgeous skies, please visit: Skywatch.


77 thoughts on “Holy mackerel

  1. Those skies would definitely be worth missing a bus! Absolutely amazing and so gorgeous! And your captures are superb! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to see — and appreciate skies like these! Thanks for sharing. Hope you weren’t too late!! Enjoy your weekend!



  2. Can I just say ‘Holy Mackerel’!!!!
    These are amazing images!
    The second one is my favorite and I do hope everyone enlarges them.
    I’m sorry you missed your bus but these have to have been worth it. 🙂


  3. I’ve never seen a sky like this! How fortunate you were to be there, especially by the water for such a beautiful reflection. It looks like God raked the sky with his fingers!


  4. Incredible clouds. I’ve never seen anything like them. It’s especially amazing how the formation comes to such a straight-edge ending, then blue skies continue…


  5. OMG!! How unbelievable is that! Buses come and go, but these gifts from Mother Nature are priceless! At first it made me think of the old televisions when they lost the broadcast signal!


  6. I am sorry for you to have missed your bus, but happy for us you did. Otherwise, we would have missed out on this spectacular sky cloud show. Truly amazing.


  7. Good Morning!
    This IS truly an amazing sky!
    I’m glad you decided to enjoy it for longer than a swift moment and share it with all of us ~ so glad I stopped by this morning~~
    happy weekend to you!


  8. Fi, I have so missed your incredible lake views…I’d say this one was well worth missing the bus over…
    ps. I’ve opened my blog again…missed y’all….have a great weekend- hugs from me 🙂


  9. I think this has got to be the most spectacular and unusual sky I’ve ever seen. Great shots you’ve got here. What perfect timing for you…and us! Thanks for visiting my “boring” blue skies!


  10. Wow! Congratulations on the post of the week mention over at Hilary’s. Holy cats, what pictures, I had to actually remember to close my mouth as my jaw was literally hanging.

    Doesn’t it look like the dog from the Never-ending Story should busting through that sky, poised to spirit you away on a great adventure? Seriously, that’s a sky that portends adventure, and magic. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of it. I’ve never seen the like.


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