Seeds of hope

It amazes me to see trees in hibernation, seeds covered in thick crusts of frost

That defy gravity and, instead, cling to the branch in icy embrace.

Just think how fragile the bond between ice and tree:

All it takes is a slight change in temperature

And the whole relationship crumbles, ends

Fluttering to the ground in a soft explosions of snow.

Just like human relationships.

Yet those seeds survive the cold, those Arctic breezes

To blossom out into flowers of hope when spring arrives.

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69 thoughts on “Seeds of hope

  1. Lovely post! Beautiful capture! And such wise observations! I couldn’t agree more! Hope your week is off to a good start. Hope you enjoy warmth and laughter and beauty, each and every day! Have a great week, Lady Fi!



  2. All it takes is a slight change in temperature

    And the whole relationship crumbles, ends

    substitute baby for change in temperature and yes, the whole relationship did crumble for me.


    1. but yes, dear by certain other reversed change in temperature will form the bond again…
      and isn’t this called hope?
      isn’t this hope another name for life?


  3. It is a beautiful shot. Everything is very fragile – the fact we have life on earth is purely an accident – a few degrees warmer or cooler and we’d all remain the celestial dust we came from.

    I guess Scandinavian winters lead to very thick books – that looks interesting.


  4. Beautiful photo, Lady Fi. I can see such detail in the snow on the branches.

    As I write this, the snowing is beginning to fall outside my window once more. I think we’re not done with winter yet, either.


  5. What a beautiful post. I love how you compared ice and trees to relationships. The photos are lovely as always. I think you must live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


  6. and just like those seeds, relationships grow. it seems they have many different seasons. it is good to realise this as you go through them. we all have our favorite seasons, but each can be appreciated.


  7. The photo and the words go together beautifully. Friendships and relationships of all kinds are so fragile – for me the best destroyer seems to be going on holiday! Nothing like a few days in each other’s company to make you go off each other!


  8. I’m so happy not to be freezing outside, although we do have tons of rain here in California. The photo is beautiful though. Thanks for the publishing link. Am off to check it out.


  9. Absolutely lovely and worth of the POTW win in every way. You draw the likeness of humans and nature in a very eloquent way.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your kind words,


  10. Congrats on POTW from Hilary… so well deserved as this is a wonderful reminder of just how important nature is in our everyday lives, and how important it is to accept change.


  11. That is a lovely picture, and a wonderful concept. Wouldn’t it be lovely to hibernate through until our own season had returned? Probably not, we’d miss a great deal but I’ve always envied trees their ability to wait out the bad weather, and flourish when it’s warmer.

    Congratulations on your mention for post of the week. I think the picture is particularly lovely.


  12. I found you via Soul Aperture. I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.


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