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Tiny worlds of crystal

Sometimes, on a rare day of winter perfection,

Ice crystals coat the world —


Turning reeds and wire fences

Into small works of abstract art.


In fact, you can hardly tell the difference

Between nature’s beauty

And the artifice of a wire fence.

Both glitter with possibility.


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The pilgrims

The secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, and in elevating them to art.  — William Morris

Dazzling landscapes and wide views are glorious,

But there is beauty in the details too.

The details allow us to see the emotions of nature:

How a tiny twig looks like weary traveller;

How wind-blown branches are like pilgrims

Walking to a dream destination

Where fortitude and tenacity and belief in self matter.

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Winter bouquet (or bokeh)

We’ve hardly had any snow this year – only a smattering to cover the ground for a day or two.

No matter how little – I always feel as if I’ve won the lottery when it begins to snow.

The white petals have a way of transforming life into something softer, more golden.

The bare bones of flowers look like twinkling stars;

A birdhouse becomes a cheerful red hat with white trimming;

And even a weathered post becomes a silver-haired object of beauty.

(Yes – Mum and Dad: Just like you guys!)

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Dancing on the edges of time

November sent me a postcard that spoke of…

An upside down tree in a drop of rain;

Wet skies and branches blowing in the blue wind;

And the ballet of green pine needles

In a glittering sky.

November spoke to me in tones of grey and blue and green

To remind me —  in the words of Tagore:

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.”

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Butterflies of joy

Beautiful butterfly

Shining like mother of pearl

A painting of fleeting delicacy

Poised to fly to freedom

Through the silver rain —

Reminding me that joy comes when you least expect it

And that transformation can lead to great beauty.

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Sadly, My World is not continuing but I’d like to continue documenting the small unseen miracles of life here anyway. Rest in peace Klaus Peter.

Sunlight for the soul

Pack up your worries, put on your coat and come enjoy the sunny side of life with me (and my macro lens)!

Let’s be artists and paint the snow with sunlight,

Brushing the world with golden tones that leave jewels on branches.

Come with me and tickle the branches until all of nature laughs in sunshine

So that briefly, we capture the moment in its golden nets.

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Seeds of hope

It amazes me to see trees in hibernation, seeds covered in thick crusts of frost

That defy gravity and, instead, cling to the branch in icy embrace.

Just think how fragile the bond between ice and tree:

All it takes is a slight change in temperature

And the whole relationship crumbles, ends

Fluttering to the ground in a soft explosions of snow.

Just like human relationships.

Yet those seeds survive the cold, those Arctic breezes

To blossom out into flowers of hope when spring arrives.

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