Anklebiter # 1: Mama, you know what? I’m paranoid.

Brief pause while I wonder how to respond.

Anklebiter # 1: I know what paranoid means.


Me: Really? What?

Anklebiter: Well, it’s when you’re really annoyed with your parents.


Anklebiter: I’m paranoid quite a lot.

Does that mean I’m going to be kiddanoid when they’re teenagers then?

27 thoughts on “Paranoid?

  1. Count your blessings – she is only annoyed with her parents, come her teens, it’ll translate into hate, believe one who knows! (Luckily, that fluktulates to being the best mum in the world, every time you are there for them when they need you, something they find they need to call on more and more, as the years go by..)!


  2. One of my friends writes on a slip of paper all the things her children say like this – the funny and adorable moments. She folds the paper up and puts it in a jar. When she is feeling down she goes to the jar and takes out the paper – it cheers her up and she keeps a record of her children.


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