Love is a snake

When I was a kid, I lived in a suburb of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Round about the tender age of 8, I found my first crush in the form of Scott Fienup. An all-American freckled kid who introduced me to the delights of marshmallow fluff and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And snakes.


Boa Constrictor

Love took the form of brightly-coloured Chopper bikes and cuddling Scott’s pet snake: a boa constrictor. (Snakes are dry and warm to the touch, contrary to the belief that they are cold.)

Isn’t puppy snake love just grand?

(And because I didn’t have a camera when I was 8, I took this image from Wikimedia Commons.)

Visit Bozo over at Pet Pride for snakes and other pets!

42 thoughts on “Love is a snake

  1. My son has wanted a pet snake for TWO years and I won’t give in and get him one. Little did I know that I was denying him a possible first (or second? THIRD??) love, in the process! 😉


    1. Ladify, I wld like to know more about your first crush , I think we hv something in common. An all-american named s.f. in argentina, many , many years ago….


      1. Really – unbelievable! We lived in Onelli. My dad worked for the British Foreign Office and I remember attending (very briefly on and off) the Abraham Lincoln High School…

        What about you?


      2. Well, I really meant Scott Fienup..he lived in Brazil later on, this is where I met him…but I knew about his stay in Argentina with his family. His Dad taught agriculture at the federal university here, and also prepared students to study at Michigan State University. where r u located at this moment? Are you with the military? This is so coollll!!


      3. Amazing!

        Do you know what he is doing these days?

        I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my family. My dad was a diplomat and we were posted all over the world when I was a kid.


      4. Ladyfi,
        I saw an article in a newspaper from Honululu stating that a Scott Fienup, with no permanent address, crashed into a car while riding a mopped and died. Do you know anything about this?

        Sorry to pass on this kind of info…I was chocked… Very sad


  2. Well, it sounds like love to me! What a fun story! Great looking snake! Not sure I’d want to share my bed with him, but could certainly appreciate him from a distance — at least a little!


  3. I’m not sure I could ever love a snake but I have held one. We visited a snake farm in Bangkok and held a variety of them….it was an odd experience!!

    C x


  4. What a lovely story!

    We were at our local zoo a few weeks ago and the little man was delighted to get to pet one of their snakes!

    Wants one now of course, but sometimes I’m very deaf!!


  5. Oh yes, I remember that delightful name. I also remember he and some other boys made some real tunnels in the earth and we would go burrowing in them, though I guess I found it a little scary. And I have a scar still from cutting my hand on the pampas grass there.


  6. Ye gads: My son (I was a single parent) had an albino snake, a tarantula, a tree frog and assorted other wild things. The tarantula molted 12 times that I counted before it died. Something happened to the frog. It bloated up and died in about a half an hour one day. The snake he gave away when he joined the CC in northern California. I was just too busy to care for him/her/it.

    A friend of mine had an albino snake that bit him when he dropped a mouse in the cage. The snake is now a belt.


  7. Well, I once loved me a snake too, and you know that story. Just don’t mix up love with digestion and you should be alright. And aren’t you just the little international woman of mystery?!


  8. Great memories; I am not afraid of snakes; I have a resident Carpet snake in the garden, but it is not for cuddles! mine is on thisandthat)


  9. I remeber that boy’s name too. Weren’t you found kissing him under the desk at school? And you thought no-one could see you but the whole class did!!


  10. I’m not sure if this is tue or not..I was just looking for him on the web and his name showed in this site and later on I saw the article from Hawaii. We were very close to each other when he lived in Porto Alegre, Brazil in mid 70s. I had called his parents a few years ago, in Michigan, US, but they never gave me his phone number. Oh well…I guess I have to wait till next encarnation in order to talk to him again….he was very special to me!


  11. Scott Fienup lives in East Lansing MI. I went to school with him in Argentina. He was a mean bully and I thought he only picked on me and made my life hell. However, at the class reunion, it was quickly found out that everyone felt diminished by this inadequate bully and thought they were the only ones. We had a good laugh!! He did not die in HI. as best I know. At least for you, he left a positive mark.


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