Horsing around

It was one of those glorious autumn days

When the chill afternoon air turned

Breath to delicious smoke.

When my daughter met a new friend,

Isa, the New Forest Pony.

(The horse seems to be smiling, don’t you think?)

They rode into the sunlight

And round and round again,

While golden light – as thick as honey –

Made us thankful to feel alive.

(Sometimes you just have to hang onto that feeling of joy for as long as you can.)

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101 thoughts on “Horsing around

  1. Oh lovely, Fiona, and yes, the horse is smiling…what a glorious day – captured forever in your memory and shared with us through your camera and incredible talent. I do remember those days on horseback…I would not wish to miss them.


  2. I love the first photo, although Isa looks as though she’s got a smoking habit – LOL! These crips, autumn mornings are just wonderful and the sunshine is glorious.


  3. Such a beautiful horse, looks very much like one I owned in Montana where we would see the same “smoke breath” on cold winter days! I love how you’ve caught the sunlight through his tail in the second shot! Your photos are always beautiful and you do capture the feeling of fun and adventure and beauty! Delightful as always, Fiona!



  4. Sometimes
    the mind gallops,
    thoughts race across,
    throwing up
    a lot of
    mud and sand.

    But sometimes,
    on a nippy winter morning,
    the sun shining
    oblique benevolence,
    I feel
    the little feet
    around my sides,
    a featherweight
    resting on my back,
    my reins
    gently held,
    it makes me smile
    remember the days,
    when my Ma
    would carry
    this little girl’s Ma
    on her back,
    in the paddock,
    squinting at the evening sun.


  5. There is no need to go elsewhere because paradise IS where you are. It is lovely to see heaven on earth through your eyes and with your sensibilities. Thanks as always for sharing your world.


  6. I want to always hang on to that feeling, Fi! Just seeing your daughter riding on such a glorious day makes me feel happy. My Granddaughter is taking riding lessons, too.


  7. Hello Fiona 🙂

    Wonderful shots and I LOVE the horse!! The addition of your words are, again, AWESOME!

    “While golden light – as thick as honey -Made us thankful to feel alive.” ~

    ~ SO beautiful and one of my favourite shots because of the sunlight!


  8. It
    s always a pleasure coming to your blog. You created a real autumn atmosphere this time with words and photos. Thank you! Have agreat week! BTW the horse WAS smiling! ;))


  9. What a great post…. There is definitely beauty all around us… Sometimes we need to slow down and take time to see and enjoy it….Love seeing the pictures of the horse and rider… YES—-that is a smiling horse… Bet the rider is smiling also!!!!! BUT–it does look COLD there… So far, we haven’t had very much cold weather here… BUT I’m sure it will happen soon!!!!



  10. These are wonderful photos, and it does indeed look as if the pony was smiling. Obviously he enjoyed carrying your daughter on such a beautiful afternoon. I really like the color in these photos, and the way you’ve captured the pony’s breath.


  11. Another wonderful series of evocative images, Fiona. The first one gave me the chills, and I’m in the tropics! I’d say better ALWAYS to hang onto that feeling of joy for as long as you can. 🙂


  12. What magnificent shots of that big beautiful creature and the beauty who rides it. I can almost feel the breath of the horse in the cool of the air.

    God bless and have a magnificent day sweetie!!!


  13. You have a beautiful blog! I love the horse photos, particularly the ones where you can see his breath in the cold air.


  14. I am truly thankful that you stopped by my littly blog and led me here…. I am in awe of your work and can not decide which post I love the most. I think I need a day to have a proper visit here and just absorb and drink in the beauty! I am follwing so I won’t miss out!!!

    Thank you so much



  15. Delightful photos, Fi. I’m so happy for your daughter, having a wonderful new friend. “Horsing around” is a great title, too.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  16. This brings back memories of my own teenage years and my avid passion for riding.;)) Stunning images of a beautiful moment during that lovely Scandinavian autumn, when it is at its best.;))


  17. Hi, I was searcing the internet for a horse I used to take care of about 4 years ago and I saw these pictures.. How old is Isa?
    It really looks like the wonderful and amazing Isa that I used to take care of, she was born in 1987.

    Would be very greatful for an answer, and those are some really beutiful pictures!



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