A rainbow sunset

Sunset at just gone 14.30 today has its perks.


The grey cloud lifted to reveal rainbow reflections, ice on the lake

And, of course, a posing Ruby.

(All photos taken with my mobile phone.)


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Golden goldens

We finally got some minus temperatures and diamond-studded grass

As the sun peeked over the horizon at gone 8 am

Turning everything into gold.

Frosted dogs.jpg

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Pretty in pink

Trees rise out of the early morning fog —

They seem to be floating in the rose-tinged dawn.


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The sonata of light

Hark! I hear the trumpet call 

Of delicious autumn light.

It calls me through the mist

And drenches me with its music.

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Blue-tiful autumn

I like the autumn skies:

With a dog or two


And without!


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Spooky skies

Early morning mist

Drapes the trees in pink scarves;


And when the sun breaks through,

It’s spook-tacular!


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Autumn’s blush

Autumn’s lilac blush


In the early morning

Brings peace.


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Those fly-away skies

As the sun rises,

The glorious trees glow in the light.

Distance 1.jpg

Geese call to each other;

Their reflections dot the water.

Distance 2.jpg

Peaceful skies return when they disappear.

It’s hard for the sky to compete with autumn

At this time of year.


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Isn’t it amazing

How the going down of the sun


Can be both so bright and blazing

And yet so dramatic and dark?


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A golden oldie

A golden memory from a few years ago:

My daughter and our dear Oscar (no longer with us)

Enjoying a spectacular sunset together.

Best buddies copy.jpg

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