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November gold

November has been a time of

Mellow fog and bare trees.


The golden coins of leaves

Lie on the ground.


Stubborn mists

Give the scenery (and Ruby) a misty quality

And make the golden tones of dog and reeds pop.


We finally had some icy weather

But that doesn’t stop Simmie from taking a swim.


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Dancing on the edges of time

November sent me a postcard that spoke of…

An upside down tree in a drop of rain;

Wet skies and branches blowing in the blue wind;

And the ballet of green pine needles

In a glittering sky.

November spoke to me in tones of grey and blue and green

To remind me —  in the words of Tagore:

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.”

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The roses of November

November has been incredibly mild; buds are appearing on branches

And perfectly framed roses bring a splash of colour to the season.

Dewy mornings paint the roses

And golden leaves are the perfect backdrop.

But now, the branches are bare and one grey day succeeds the other.

We don’t have snow and light,

So I had to find them in the translucent petals of a rose

As soft as silken snowflakes.

Recently, the hunt for colour has become more difficult

As the sun hides behind its foggy veils.

Which is why I was found lying on the ground –

Causing my neighbour to ask me why I was photographing nettles.

Its flowers are as beautiful as any rose, don’t you think?

Even the humblest of objects have beauty if we take the time to look for it.

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When Orange met Purple

When November startles you

With an orange sunburst in one direction —

And a graceful double moon

Admiring her purple beauty in the opposite direction,

Then all you have to do is wait

Until Nature combines the two colours in a final sunset flare

To create a masterpiece.

(And yes, that’s the indomitable Oscar swimming again!)

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Golden Y-ears

Last week was Oscar’s birthday

(He’s the dog)

And a gloriously frosty day.

The delicate inner ear of a rose

offered up its secret beauty.

Sunlight sparkled on the pink ears

Of a brave flower still in bloom.

We visited a thousand-year-old rune stone

Rising out of the ground like a tooth,

To remind us that these are the golden years,

The moments to seize, to bathe in,

To remember while they last.

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Tickled pink

I’m not usually a big fan of pink.

But when Nature takes her paintbrush

And lights up the bowl of the sky with a rainbow of  pinks…

Well, who can resist?

And, judging by the looks of things,

I wasn’t the only one who was tickled pink

By the vibrancy of the sunset.

Who says November is always grey?

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The poetry of flight

A glorious November day with the sun shining just so,

Shedding golden pools of light on trees

As birds took off – into a purple veil of fog.

Poetry in motion.

I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight.
– Rabindranath Tagore

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Misty dog

Our world is now white and icy – covered in a blanket of silent snow.

But only a few weeks ago, November put on a display of misty rainbow magic.

The frosted jetty, a wet dog

And a glorious morning sky lost in mist and water.

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Hidden beauty

November is a dull grey month in Sweden. The sun has forgotten how to shine and the trees softly drop their burden of leaves.

And yet, in secret nooks and crannies, hidden along untrodden paths, you can find spots of beauty.


The smile of a friend, the laughter of a child or a bridge made out of leaves.

Even those familiar spots that I visit daily suddenly look different, clothed as they are in the soft November light, and shining with their carpet of gold.


Perhaps November isn’t such a dull month after all … if we can only remember to see.

What hidden beauty will you uncover in your life today?

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I asked Sir Pe to buy me something essential for survival at this time of year. Can you guess what it is? Oh – and just to be really obvious – the manufacturer wanted us to know this:


Er… I know it’s not a toy. After all, I do know what it is I’m buying! But thanks anyway for the heads up!

So, time’s up… Yes – you’re right! It’s one of those reflective waistcoat-thingies (bet you didn’t know this was the official name!) that you wear so that you can be seen in the dark and pinned down by car headlights in the same manner as a deer stands frozen and visible in front of the hunters’ truck lights.

Sunday was the shortest day of the year, so that means lots of darkness and very little light. In fact, it has been pretty dark nearly all the time this month, with the sun rising at about 8 am and then dusk engulfing us already before 3 pm. That’s when it’s good to have a reflective vest thingy on: better pinned in the glare of the headlights than pinned to the pavement by a car that just didn’t see us on the walk back from school!

I think the months just went and got all muddled up! You see, November is normally grey and dismal, while December delights with its snow. However,  November looked like this:


It charmed us with its snow and lots of glorious sunshine (around 60 hours in November). October shone with 100 hours of sunshine that month whereas December … well, December has been sent into the naughty corner with a dunce’s hat on its head. Normally, we get only 33 hours of sunshine this month – but with the snow, you just don’t notice as everything seems all white and light and fluffy.

This month the sun has been away on holiday – somewhere that isn’t here. Can you guess how many hours we have had this month so far?

Go on!



A measly SEVEN hours!

No wonder we’re all losing our sanity!