Golden Y-ears

Last week was Oscar’s birthday

(He’s the dog)

And a gloriously frosty day.

The delicate inner ear of a rose

offered up its secret beauty.

Sunlight sparkled on the pink ears

Of a brave flower still in bloom.

We visited a thousand-year-old rune stone

Rising out of the ground like a tooth,

To remind us that these are the golden years,

The moments to seize, to bathe in,

To remember while they last.

For more golden moments, please visit: Our World.

83 thoughts on “Golden Y-ears

  1. A big Happy Birthday to Oscar! Such a beautiful fellow he is!! The rose is exquisite and all your captures are delightful as always! And what a wonderful reminder! Thank you! Have a beautiful evening and a wonderful tomorrow!



  2. What a beuatiful way nature has to preserve the beauty of spring and summer long into late fall. You are lucky to have frost, here we have only fog and mist, and all the bloom has perished.
    Lovely images as always.;)
    Thank you for your very endearing comment today.;)


  3. It does indeed look like a tooth…! I’ve seen interesting ancient stones (not rune) in Mongolia. Your frosted pink rose is a marvelous shot, and of course Oscar is always the star… happy belated boy! (I’ll be posting my Our World post shortly… late, I know…)

    [I was not very clear in my post: feng shui principles are like laws of nature. If you break them, they can bring bad luck. All the officials were guilty of corruption, but it is the placement of the footbridge that prevented them from getting away with their crimes. Communism, of course, does not admit to any feng shui rules, as they are metaphysical. Therein the irony.]


  4. Such a handsome dog… happy birthday Oscar. He seemed to be enjoying the walk. Great shots especially of the frosty rose.


  5. Belated happy ninth birthday Oscar, you are looking incredibly handsome and not a day over eight!! He’s gorgeous Lady Fi, as are all of your images that I’ve just enjoyed looking through immensely!


  6. Happy belated birthday to Oscar – these dogs become a part of our families! And I love the photos, especially the rose, which has such a delicate beauty with the frost.


  7. Hi Lady Fi. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I am delighted to come here and swoon away, I wish I could take pics of my dog like yours. Oscar looks beautiful and I love his colouring…what a face…enjoy every moment of him!



  8. I had a dog, but, she died, I’m afraid. She was brilliant, never bad. I dream of her every day, that was about 3 years. Your dog Oscar, is brilliant, happy birthday Oscar.


  9. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Oscar. You are just one year older than Lucy. She was eight on 7th Nov. That’s a lovely photo of you – and the one in the previous post too.


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