The roses of November

November has been incredibly mild; buds are appearing on branches

And perfectly framed roses bring a splash of colour to the season.

Dewy mornings paint the roses

And golden leaves are the perfect backdrop.

But now, the branches are bare and one grey day succeeds the other.

We don’t have snow and light,

So I had to find them in the translucent petals of a rose

As soft as silken snowflakes.

Recently, the hunt for colour has become more difficult

As the sun hides behind its foggy veils.

Which is why I was found lying on the ground –

Causing my neighbour to ask me why I was photographing nettles.

Its flowers are as beautiful as any rose, don’t you think?

Even the humblest of objects have beauty if we take the time to look for it.

For more rosy pictures, please visit: Our World.

78 thoughts on “The roses of November

  1. Oh, I do know how hard it is to find color these days!! But what gorgeous captures you’ve found! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing such a lovely part of your world, Fiona! Hope you have a wonderful week!



  2. There is something about the purity of a perfect white rose – I sometimes choose white even in the depth of winter. That pink does make me smile, though.


  3. Gorgeous flowers. We’ve had a mild autumn too and while I don’t mind one bit for my peace of mind’s sake, it does alarm me for the earth’s sake. But climate denialists won’t be persuaded until it’s summer all year round where one we had seasons. Lovely, lovely pics!


  4. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to get on the ground to see the beauty and well worth the few moments of discomfort. These are truly wonderful shots. 🙂


  5. “Even the humblest of objects have beauty if we take the time to look for it.” Amen. Thank you for taking the time. Every shot is exquisite.


  6. Yes, much of the color has escaped us and we are left with the greys and browns of winter. But sometimes those scenes can surprise us and create beauty of their own! Lovely photos! Hope your week is getting off great!


  7. You succeeded in finding some beautiful colors and especially when your neighbor found you at ground level. I don’t think you were taking photos of nettles. At least not any I’ve seen.


  8. I have no doubt that you can find beauty in everything. In fact, I think beauty comes to seek you out.. so it can be photographed so perfectly by you.


  9. Hi there – I really think it’s about expecting to find things to photograph. If you say “the lights bad” you may as well put the camera away. Much better to say “this light is a challenge” – then you get pictures like these.




  10. It’s been my experience that roses can make everything better,
    I love the way you’ve captured these, with the depth of field allowing
    the rose to be the star without distraction! Beautiful work Lady Fi.


  11. “Even the humblest of objects have beauty if we take the time to look for it.” Amen to that… I keep forgetting to tell you how much I agree with the Emerson quote in your header. You, LadyFi, certainly carry the beautiful with you… and reveal it marvelously through your lens. Thanks for sharing your talent.


  12. It’s true, these nettles certainly have beauty that you’ve captured. Nothing will bud around here for a while, even though it’s been mild!


  13. Indeed, the flowers of the weeds show their beauty as well as the rose! it is nice when fall glides in gently, before it smacks us with a cold , hard wind.


  14. Such a beautiful post, ini pictures and words. And yet I must tell you that the image of you lying on the ground taking pictures (and your puzzled neighbor) has me laughing (I’ve been there, but my pictures don’t turn out as beautifully!)


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