Unhappy meal

Yesterday evening I confirmed why it is I rarely eat at McDonald’s. Or allow my kids to eat there.

I once again confirmed my worst suspicions that I should only visit those golden arches when I need the toilet or a cup of good coffee. (Because, bizarrely enough, a cup of ordinary McD java is surprisingly tasty….)

Anyway, back to yesterday. After an intense afternoon of play, eating cinammon buns and looking at clothes, we were on our way home from friends. And the road just happened to pass by an MFDs. The kids had their radar switched on and realized that Sir Pe and I were tired – and, therefore, less resistant.

“Can we have some chips, please?” they ask in unison.

“I’m not going to cook when we get home,” I say. “Are you?”

Sir Pe shakes his head. (As you can tell, we are Mr. and Mrs. Domesticated!)

So, we swing into the car park and enter the place hole restaurant. A very young girl is standing next to the till. You can tell she is a newbie because she still has healthy skin and glowing hair. Not the more normal spotty face and greasy hair that comes from standing over fried food all day long.

We scan the menu – doesn’t seem to be any vegetarian food… The kids decide to go with fishburgers. (When no vegetarian option is around, we can make do with fish.)

We see that the Happy Meal give-away is a book. (Now that is a stroke of marketing inspiration!)

“Two fishburgers as a Happy Meal. With apple juice and carrots and apples, please.”

“We don’t do fishburgers as a Happy Meal.”

“Er.. ok. What about beanburgers?”

“Don’t do veggie food.”

My bullshit detector is going mad. “Are you trying to tell me that only people who eat meat can have a Happy Meal?” I splutter.

“Yes,” she chirps happily.

Very sweetly, I say, “Well, I’d like to speak to your manager, please.”

The manager appears – can’t be more than 19 herself. Yes, they do fishburgers as a happy meal – and even beanburgers. But by that time, the fishburgers have been cooked and put on our trays. A third person comes along and helpfully mixes up the food in the bags so that we don’t have the right number of anything.

Meanwhile, the long queue behind us is getting restless.

So, we make do and sit down. Oh – the horror of the soft white bread – so tasteless! – and the fish thingy looks like compressed diapers covered in breadcrumbs. Most of the food remains uneaten.


  • MFDs does vegetarian food, but cannot be bothered to waste space on the menu to let people know.
  • The food is pretty tasteless. Better to stick with the coffee.
  • One of the world’s most successful chain of restaurants obviously cannot afford to pay for a good training course for some of Sweden’s worst paid employees.

It’s not only the food that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

17 thoughts on “Unhappy meal

  1. Staff training at MFD’s? What a novel idea! Of course if they ever actually spent any money on training their front-line troops, then they’d have to put their prices up dramatically…

    Personally, I’d vote for some training for the so-called “cooks” – maybe then they would be able to serve up some edible food :-p.


  2. That place is so veggie unfreindly! I avoid it completly. My 3 year old doesn’t even know they sell food. I’m dreading the point in which she figures it out. They are horrible in marketing their fattening food towards kids.


  3. Blech! I avoid the place at any and all costs. My kids have quit asking to go…the only reason they know it exists is because their Dad isn’t quite as health conscious as I’d like him to be.


  4. Ha! So you’re not even proper vegetarians! I knew it!

    I also did the whole “sometimes fish” thing until I realised that fish are in great danger of extinction, and cows are not. Makes one think.


  5. The softness of everything food like there,
    makes you wonder what it truly is made of???
    I eat it when starving but stangely enough you never get full on it!
    I heard they cook fries in beef fat anyhoo….


  6. McD never ever ever tastes good. I worked 500 mtrs from McD for 8 years, needless to say…my laziness in combination with a job that required my attention during lunch break FORCED me to beg my co-workers to grab something at McD on their way back to work. 4-5 times a week.

    For 8 frickin’ years.

    The smell makes me sick to my stomach. The burgers looks like a shoe sole. The sad lettuce on the burger (yeah – I can see on the pictures that there’s lettuce on the burgers) is soggy.

    What I don’t understand is, if we get some of the big American fast food chains. How come we don’t get the good ones?

    Taco Bell? Starbucks? Friendlys? KFC? Heck, even Wendys make a better burger than McD?!

    Ohhh….I think I’m hungry now…I can go on and on…and all I really want is a real american peperoni pizza. You can get a slice of really good peperoni pizza everywhere in the US…but here? Noooo…just shitty McD who make shoe sole burgers…


  7. Ignore the comment about me being forced to eat at McD that often.

    Sometimes insight strikes me like a lightning bolt.

    I was lazy, I’ll admit to that ;o)

    Just don’t tell anyone okay?


  8. I don’t even stop at McD’s for the bathrooms. They are usually worse than the gas station. Not only to they not train their employees, they don’t know how to clean.

    I try not to eat/stop there at all costs.


  9. I agree that you were conned as I had a similar experience myself. My colleagues and I occasionally try to meet for lunch during our working day and a suitable McDonald’s is chosen as being central for the four of us (we are all travelling in different suburbs). The last time I had been to maccas was a few years ago when my step-children had been visiting and I used to eat their healthy options- baguettes with i.e. turkey and cranberry (Aussies rarely know what ‘vegetarian’ means). This time they told me there were no healthy options available (and let me tell you their orange and poppyseed muffins are wonderful and weight watcher approved). On this occasion I was cruelly disappointed and very rudely treated. On my subsequent visits I bring my own sandwiches and treat myself to a coffee from the Mc Cafe (as good as Muzz Buzz). I am usually served by an older employee at the Cafe counter who told me that they do still have the healthy options (approved by the Heart Foundation ) but don’t advertise it any more and of course, the older employee is unvaryingly polite and pleasant!
    As for the toilets, as we are ‘on the road’ they are considered safer to use particularly at night and when toilets in parks etc are closed. And more convenient for parking than a large shopping mall which involves finding parking,toilets etc and takes too much time on a busy day.


  10. I have to admit that I love their Egg McMuffin, and luckily, one alone should not induce a heart attack too quickly.

    I don’t know how far Burger King reaches or what they serve outside the continental US, but…they have the BK Veggie, which is a Morningstar Farms veggie burger. It’s really good. Even for meat eaters, its a nice “healthy” alternative to fast food.


  11. Well I must be a loner on this one because I kinda do like some of their things on their menu. Stuff which includes lot’s of salt and loads of sugar. Do like their coffees, their frappes are killers, kids love their milkshakes, we adults enjoy their salads and I’m a freak for their french fries. Okay sorry, I’ll go back over to my blog now. 😉


  12. Thanks everyone for your comments! Glad to hear that it’s not only me with an MFD phobia… Love the name Rotten Ronnie’s and will be using it from now on!


  13. That Supersize me DVD is amazingly telling, isn’t it? The money pumped into the wrong thing to make what – people miserable? Blows me away. Love your writing. And love that you stopped by my place too. See you on the blog!


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