Delicious autumn

I love autumn and the autumn skies,

Especially the fireworks autumn puts on in the early mornings.

I’m invigorated by the sky’s soft blush,

The flamboyant colours of the leaves,

The dramatic harmony of sky and trees and water.

George Eliot put it so well when she wrote,

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

For more deliciousness, please visit: Skywatch.

111 thoughts on “Delicious autumn

  1. Unbelievable! I could dwell in autumn seasons like yours – The colours are so beautiful and the calm of the water brings peace to mind and heart. How much inspiration you can get there I am sure – a pleasure for the eyes.


  2. Absolutely magical! What amazing captures…I wish I could sit at the waters edge and take that all in. ALTHOUGH…your pictures take me there as I sit here! Wonderful!


  3. “Wow wow and even more wow! Amazing, exquisite and oh so gorgeous shots! I do love autumn.” I usually have new words to share with each post I visit, but I think your words are exactly what I feel when I look at these autumn shots :)))


  4. The George Eliot quote is one of my favorite and it certainly expresses my feelings as I look at your photos! Superb, breathtaking, almost other worldly captures! Hope you have a great weekend!



  5. Autumn leaves are so beautiful and perhaps more so because you know that soon they will whither on the branch and fall to the ground. It is a fleeting beauty… so glad you captured it!


  6. Oh my, Fi… this is sheer poetry in photography. Living in the tropics has many, many pluses, but I do adore autumn, and Scandinavia is especially beautiful in this season. It gives me joy to experience this fall through your skillful lens.


  7. Hi there – our autumns are much less about colour than “up north” – more to do with a change of temperature and a shift in day length. I miss colours like this. But then again – I suppose I have skies like my post. Swings and roundabouts!



  8. Gorgeous. I love autumn, too. So far, here in central California, we’ve had an unusually warm October, but our first real chill hit last night and brought with it some needed rain. Soon the golden hillsides will be emerald green. I can’t be to capture beauty the way you do, but I will make a feeble attempt.


  9. Ooh, lovely. My first thought when that first shot came up (on your ‘revolving’ header) was ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. Such a glorious set that so invokes thoughts of autumn.


  10. Wow! It’s hard to imagine that there is really scenery that looks like this. What a perfect combination of trees, sky, water, and lighting. It’s breathtaking. Thanks for stopping by at my SWF.


  11. Oh my goodness, how can one comment on a beauty like this.. I have no words. Except that this is what makes fall the most stunning season. You are such a talented photographer, it is a joy to stop by here every time..


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