Dawn, unfurling

A couple of weeks ago,

Simson and I sneaked out of the house very early

To enjoy the soft, pink dawn.


We saw a line of ducks

Flung against the purple canopy of the sky.

Flight copy

They flew past like scattered leaves,

While we remained – marvelling at the way dawn unfurls.


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Swan, bedazzled


On a carpet of burnished gold


Swims a swan

In the dancing light

Of a shimmering sunset.

Dazzling copy

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A gift

The moon

Nestled in the lilac velvet of a sunrise

Is a gift to be enjoyed greedily

Purple sky

As the rising sun

Casts its glorious rays

Lighting up leaves like torches

Autumn moon copy

And the moon – sinking rapidly —

Throws back the sunbeams

On the silken waters.

Moon wide shot

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Zen dawn

An early sunrise —

Blushing with fog;


The blank canvas of dawn

A perfect backdrop for a lone duck.

Misty duck

Autumn foliage,

Warm-stoned church

Remind us that we are all just

Eternal travellers in time.

Misty church

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Ode to autumn

Leaves quietly cover a forest path.

Oscar leads the way…

Leafy Path

Around the bend, we come across the perfection

Of clouds, warm stone church and the flaming torches

Of the trees.

Panorama copy

The churchyard is ablaze with colour;

Leaves crunch underfoot.


The warm red of the priest’s shed

Matches the leaves.

Wooden hut

Time to head home

Under the canopy of a dramatic sky.

Moody tractor

Oscar is more than happy with his walk —

For this is the radiant joy that is autumn.


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Golden bowl

The longest day (and shortest night)

Threw the sun against

The golden bowl of the sky

Golden 1 copy

And wrapped up the lake

In ribbons of cloud.

Golden 2

Gone half past ten at night

And still light.

An infinity of reflected beauty.

Golden 3

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Summer candy

There is nothing more delicious

Than the candy stripes

Of a late summer sunset

Candy sky copy

That softens from pink

Into orange ribbons,

Orange stripes

And finally melts

Into reflected peace.

Final sky

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An April sunset

Of soft ribbons in the sky

Crimson beauty

That blush as they kiss

The still surface of the water.

Crimson 1

A lone tree and I

Enjoy the sight of a double bridge

Of crimson beauty.

Crimson reflection 1 copy

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The Yin and Yang

A while back, my daughter received a bouquet of flowers after singing in her school show.

As they graced the kitchen table, I notice a bright beam of light leading the eye to

A bud holding the fuzzy promise of hope to come —

In stark contrast to the unfurled beauty of a tulip already in full bloom.


I took the bouquet outside

Into the gentle snow,

snowy vase

And enjoyed the yin of the white snowflakes

On the yang of the rich red petals.

Snowflaked red tulip

Suddenly, my philosophical mood was broken

By Oscar photobombing my photo session.

But I guess that’s what yin and yang is all about —

Complementary forces (even if it is just a dog’s tail)

Forming harmony to remind us

That we are all part of a greater whole.


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When the morning light hits the trees

In just the right way;

Snowscape 2

When the blue bowl of the sky

Hangs like a silken canopy over the frozen lake;


And when the sun sets

In soft pastel purples…

Then … yes then!

Winter is a glorious place to be.

Sky and snow

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