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Tequila sunrise with a twist of fog

The sunrise starts off

In lilac tones,


But soon it turns

Into a blushing dawn

Purple ice.jpg

With bursts of orange

And fog.

Sunrise fog.jpg

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Romancing the snow

The romance of winter –

And the deep snow –

Never fail to surprise and please

Sunrise dog

When wrapped up in

A sky of pink tissue

And a bow of dreamy fog.

Romance 2

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Mist, rising

The pink glow of the early setting winter sun

Enticed us outside to explore

The wonders just beyond the horizon.

Viewing the mist

It was a miracle of trees that

Seemed to float in the rising mist —

Mist rising 2

A wonder of purple and gold

Painting the fog with magic.

Mist rising copy

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Mist-ical magic

With no warning, the temperatures fell

And the fog with it.

Wonderful golden fog,

Each particle of the air alive

And singing with colour and life.

For more magic, please visit: Skywatch.

Of mist and rocks

At dawn, the old stone church  across the lake bathes in golden light —

Amazing to think that 800 years ago, someone looked at a pile of rocks

And saw how they could be transformed into something so much greater than the sum of their parts.

And as the sun sets,

Don’t ask what the meaning of the birdsong or the setting sun is,

Just enjoy the beauty and let them be.

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Delicious autumn

I love autumn and the autumn skies,

Especially the fireworks autumn puts on in the early mornings.

I’m invigorated by the sky’s soft blush,

The flamboyant colours of the leaves,

The dramatic harmony of sky and trees and water.

George Eliot put it so well when she wrote,

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

For more deliciousness, please visit: Skywatch.

The miracle

It’s early. Very early.

The fog hangs in soft veils as I sneak outside, camera in hand.

Suddenly, a screech rips the sky in two to reveal

A single heron soaring in the blue dawn.

He is joined by two more  – a feast for tired eyes.

They whirl, they dance, they leave me breathless

And speechless

Until they fade into the happily ever after

Of a new day.

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Imagine, if you will, the stillness of

The very early morning – the world

Wrapped tightly in sleep and fog.

Suddenly, the mist is pierced

By magical fingers of light.

An illumination of world and soul –

Where the light does not reveal anything,

But is itself the revelation.

For more heavenly revelations, please visit: Skywatch.

Winter gold

The snow and ice have melted away. The sun is shining

And magical light is flooding our senses.

But – before it’s too late – I want to show you the gold of winter;

The gold that goes unnoticed in autumn’s burnished blaze

And spring’s happy song.

Now, with the sun warming my face,

It’s easy to look back and enjoy the perfection of winter gold.

“I have stretched ropes from steeple to steeple; garlands from window to window; golden chains from star to star, and I dance.” — Rimbaud

For more golden skies, please visit: Skywatch!


Springter is that time of year when spring and winter compete to see who is going to rule the weather.

One day the sun is shining and spring is shaking loose with a rainbow of melting snow.

The next day, winter is back with a vengeance – fresh snow and ice make art out last autumn’s leaves

Still clinging to the trees in a display of perseverance.

A bud tries to unfurl but is caught there between seed and flower

Between spring and winter

Between hope and promise.

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(Don’t know about you – but I think this pretty much describes middle age too.)


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