100 thoughts on “Branching out

  1. Gorgeous pink images. Love the reflections in that second one. You are blessed with incredibly beautiful sunsets where you live and you catch them just at that perfect moment!


  2. Your skies and the colors never cease to amaze me!! Terrific reflections!! You are indeed blessed with so much beauty!! Thanks for sharing it with us through your awesome captures!! Have a beautiful weekend!!


  3. The still waters of your pink lake draw me into inner quiet….so lovely to see what I think of as your colours on the water again Fi 🙂
    Now whenever the sky is filled with pink light I think of you and Oscar and your lake!


  4. mi piacerebbe sapere se hai un filtro speciale per dare questa magnifica impronta di rosa-lilla alle tue foto…sono così piacevoli da guardare!
    abbi un lieto giorno

    I’d like to know if you have a special filter to give this beautiful lilac-pink impression to your photos … they are so nice to watch!
    have a happy day


  5. Were I not feeling so unambitious right now, I’d look up the reason for the various colors in sunrises and sunsets, because I wonder why so many of yours are pink. I could be wrong, but it almost seems like we get pink skies when it’s coldest out, though they are rarely a match for yours. Gorgeous skies and reflections yet again, but I give First Place to the last one! Wow! That is truly a collaborative work of art, and I’m glad you and Mother Nature work so well together, and so frequently! 🙂


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