The last day of November was gloriously cold:

A frosted universe presented itself —

Frosty flowers that looked like stars floating in the cosmos;

Frosty flowers 1 copy

Small ice crystals in the shape of

Trees on the postbox lock;

Frosted lock

A storm passed through

And left frozen waves in its wake;

frosted waves

A bird hiding out in the icy reeds

Sang a morning song;


And yes, even a rubbish bin

Transformed into something greater than itself

In the frosted sun.


For more frosted times, please visit: Our World.

88 thoughts on “Frosted

  1. Absolutely breathtaking! I love the frosty flowers particularly.

    I see they were taken on Andersdag, so if the old saying of “Om Anders braskar, julen slaskar” is true, we might not get a white Christmas.


  2. Chilly with the blessing of light – your frosty morning is a celebration of shape and texture. Nature transforms even ordinary objects into works of art.


  3. having only seen snow once in my life, I am amazed by the patterns the ice crystals make. The sunlight through the trees in your image of the trees and lake is so beautiful. Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog today.


  4. Lovely photos! I’m really looking forward to being in England in a few days time again. I miss the little birds and the frost on the fields. Last Christmas was absolutely magical in Oxfordshire and I think this Christmas might be the same. 🙂


  5. le prime due immagini sono ricami di merletto, il gelo è un grande maestro! e aqnche le altre, tutte splendide, grazie e passa una bella giornata

    the first two images are lace embroidery, Frost is a great teacher! and other aqnche, all beautiful, thank you and passing a beautiful day


  6. Such fragile beauty. I just stumbled upon these photos whilst listening to Tori Amos’ Christmas album, ‘Midwinter Graces’, and felt that the magical mood of the album was perfectly suited to this visual enchantment.


  7. Stunning frost shots! Our frosty mornings have turned to a full blown winter wonderland in northern Minnesota. We’re amidst a 3 day snow storm that so far has covered us in about 2 feet of snow!


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