Winter haitus


One day, it’s glorious autumn

And bursts of colour,


The next, it’s heavy snowfall

And the magic of winter —

With autumn leaves still hanging on.


Although all this snow has now melted,

(Yes, all melted away!)

We had one wonderful week

Full of the magic of snow.

(I’m hoping it will come back before Christmas.)


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78 thoughts on “Winter haitus

  1. You captured the interface between autumn and winter perfectly here, Fiona.

    We never have snow in Florida. Only when I visit Pennsylvania, my birthplace can I experience the magic of snow.


  2. Beautiful images, Fi!
    We had 70-degree temps here in NY on Saturday, and now we are blanketed under just about 18 inches of snow.
    A bit of an inconvenience this week, but it really is so pretty out there.


  3. Fiona, I am so jealous of your already gotten snow! I can’t wait until we get our first BIG snowfall because as you know, I love winter and snow 🙂

    Glorious photographs, my friend!

    *clapping and cheering*

    Have a terrific week!


  4. Magical world! I wish you another snowfall for Christmas Eve. If it were up to me and I lived in snow country, I would wish for it on that night only, have it last for a couple of days and then go away. But I know you are made of sterner stuff!


  5. I’m having a hard time admitting that the snow is beautiful, because it won’t go away for another 4-5 months! But your photos certainly are beautiful. We had our first snowfall last night and it’s still snowing. I finally put on Christmas music. It helps.


  6. Wonderful! (I guess that’s easier to say and imagine when one lives in an environment where snow might be seen once in 5 or 10 years!). Just adore the contrast of colour between the red barn and its surroundings. Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world Fi. Blessings.


  7. The first picture looks like a painting.
    The other pictures are really great with the beautiful snow whites.
    I really hope we get snow again this winter in the Netherlands.


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