Big snow, cold feet

After our huge snowfall last week, I thought it would be fun

To fight my way through snowdrifts to capture

The snow-laden clouds.


The snow was up to my thighs.

My feet got cold as it seeped into my boots.


The bench seemed a good place to

Contemplate the horizon

And enjoy the view.


For more contemplation, please visit: Skywatch.

106 thoughts on “Big snow, cold feet

  1. anche io abito molto a sud, ma sono innamorata della neve, e vado a cercarla nella mia casa delle vacanze sulle Dolomiti! quindi amo moltissimo queste visioni così candide e soffici!


  2. Oh my! You DID get a lot of snow. We usually get a couple of deep snows a year, as in 20 inches per storm, and it’s always beautiful and magical looking. Our pups LOVE it!!

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  3. Gorgeous!!! Here in Southern California we get excited ice a few drops of rain and the news calls for a storm watch! Last night the news was all excited because there was sure to be frost this morning!

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  4. Hello, I have goosebumps looking at the snowy photos. It is beautiful there, lovely winter scenes. I love the last shot of the bridge and trees in the distance. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

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  5. Fiona, you know how MUCH I love winter and snow, so I really, really enjoyed these photographs. They’re absolutely STUNNING! That last one looks like a painting. GORGEOUS!

    And speaking of snow, we might be getting some this weekend. Can’t wait 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

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  6. Such fantastic and lovely snowy scenes; these captured in the blue light are so perfect magical illustrations for nature books! Many thanks for sharing them with us, as always! Have a good weekend!

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  7. Wow, so much snow! The pale blue snow and the dark blue gray woods are so beautiful. It’s so warm in the daytime here in my part of the world so I walked around with only light jacket. Stay warm.


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  8. You’re already in a blue winter world. We finally got a bit of snow yesterday and temps dropped. Maybe this will be our base if it keeps snowing. The ski are still hasn’t opened – not enough snow.

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  9. Last pic especially stunning, Thanks for freezing your toes to share this beauty Ill never see. (Have to confess that you almost lost me at ‘cold feet)


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