The colour of cold

It suddenly got cold – very cold.

This is what minus 20 C looks like in the front garden.

I love the way the pine trees glisten in the sun.

Front garden.jpg


Later, when it had warmed up a few degrees,

I went for a walk in the nearby woods.

The setting sun turned this bush

Into a golden glass sculpture,


And the pastel sky

Was a pretty backdrop for a world

Turned beautiful by snow.

Still drowning in boxes – and a full week of work lies ahead too!

Orange and snow.jpg

For more beauty, please visit: Our World.


81 thoughts on “The colour of cold

  1. We just had -20F over here. That golden ice bush is glorious! I love the trees when they are covered in sparkling ice. I don’t expect the trees enjoy it so much, though. 😉


  2. Same here Fiona….it suddenly got cold, very cold. In fact, we may even get some snow within the next two days. Yahoooooo!

    As usual, you photographs are stunning! That last one took my breath away. It’s MAGNIFICENT!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of winter, my friend! X


  3. So nice to see a blog post that mirrors my own landscape! 🙂 The pines are so pretty dusted with snow and the lovely pastel colors in the sky provide a gorgeous backdrop to the almost monochromatic landscape. Are you liking your new abode? Tackling a box or two a day will get you there eventually!


  4. This is so beautiful!! I have never been to Sweden, and would really like to visit. These pictures make it look like the world is an artwork (it is, but your photos make me think even more so!)


  5. It’s so beautiful …especially love the gold light . It’s probably good that it is so cold … Should make it easier to stay in and organize your new house …or at least I wouldn’t want to stay outside for very long at a time. (Of course I am a wimp about cold weather.)


  6. I do love your snowy scenes and that wonderful sunlit bush! I wish our snow would arrive! Good luck with reorganizing yourself in your new home.


  7. Still a Happy New Year to you and your family! Is the pic above this weeks (Jan.11) “Our World” meme yours? I’m contemplating making a pastel of that scene, so I am asking permission to use it – pleas let me know – thanks!


  8. Beautiful shades of cold, I’m not very fond of it, but I would love to enjoy sunsets like yours, Nature is the mother of all wisdom! Thanks for sharing the wonders that you see!


  9. Gorgeous – I love the first real taste of cold in the winter. Congratulations on your new house – we moved last year and know how it is.


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