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(This is a continuation of photos from my last post.)

Oh, the soft golden light of sunset

And a hot haze over the hills of Sussex, England!


And to top it all —

The glowing sun

Golden tail.jpg

Turned tails and manes

To molten gold and bronze.


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Romancing the earth

Sizzling orange, a glowing setting sun —

That’s when the sky romances the earth

With its beauty.

(Picture taken in Ericeira, Portugal.)


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Golden goldens

It was a gorgeous evening

When I went out for a walk with the dogs.

Honey light.jpg

The summer light

Drizzled over grass and dogs alike

Lighting up the fields

With its honeyed glow

Dogs running.jpg

So that there was gold

Both in the sky

And in the grass.

Golden goldens.jpg

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The colour of cold

It suddenly got cold – very cold.

This is what minus 20 C looks like in the front garden.

I love the way the pine trees glisten in the sun.

Front garden.jpg


Later, when it had warmed up a few degrees,

I went for a walk in the nearby woods.

The setting sun turned this bush

Into a golden glass sculpture,


And the pastel sky

Was a pretty backdrop for a world

Turned beautiful by snow.

Still drowning in boxes – and a full week of work lies ahead too!

Orange and snow.jpg

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Golden glow


All you need to see

Is the fiery golden glow of a sunset

To realize how magnificent life really is.

Glowing sunset dog copy

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Dawn’s sigh

Early morning

Starts with a glow

Dawn glow

While ribbons of cloud


Dawn's sigh

And sink into

Reflected beauty.

Ribbons copy

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Honey glow

In nature, light is the colour

And when the sun bursts through winter gloom

It makes everything glow —


Even the humble frosted bud

Glowing bud copy

And the honeyed tree,

Shining like a star.

Lone tree

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The silhouettes of summer

What is more beautiful

Than the setting of a glowing sun

On a fiery summer’s evening —

And the perfect ending

To a perfect day?

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Golden glow


The sun – just like life –

Burns us not with its heat,

But with its passion,

Its beauty

And its golden glow.

(And yes, it was a very cold sunset!)

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Glowing eclipse

Tuesday morning was an unusual day in that we saw a partial eclipse of the sun.

I tried to capture the sun by hanging out of the bedroom window. No success as it was hidden behind the horizon.

But I was rewarded by a pink candy striped sky. A trumpet call announcing the start of the eclipse.

Then it gradually got darker and an eerie light crept across the sky

Making the bare tree branches glitter with remarkable light

And painting the sky with lovely swathes of glowing sepia.

A long time ago – so long that I can’t remember which country I was in at the time but I know it was a country far away – I did experience a total eclipse of the sun. It was in the time before global media and the Internet so I had no idea it was coming. The sun disappeared; the world went horribly dark in the middle of the day. It was terrifying and amazing all at the same time.

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