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It’s brrr-eautiful!

No matter how  you look at it —


Brrr with dog.jpg

Or without a dog:

Winter is beautiful.

(I’m filming away from home this week, so may not be able to reply to your comments.)


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The colour of cold

It suddenly got cold – very cold.

This is what minus 20 C looks like in the front garden.

I love the way the pine trees glisten in the sun.

Front garden.jpg


Later, when it had warmed up a few degrees,

I went for a walk in the nearby woods.

The setting sun turned this bush

Into a golden glass sculpture,


And the pastel sky

Was a pretty backdrop for a world

Turned beautiful by snow.

Still drowning in boxes – and a full week of work lies ahead too!

Orange and snow.jpg

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Silent sentinels at sunset

Just popping in to say hello and to share this glorious view

Of frozen birch trees in a glowing winter sunset.

(It was about minus 16 C.)

Life is still very busy with house unpacking stuff so I apologize in advance for not getting round to your blogs.

Birch trees.jpg

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Floating in the pink

Winter’s freezing dawn

Creates an abstract work of art;

Pink, purple, winter

Trees rise ghostly

In deliciously cold lilac dresses;

Mist and ghostly trees

And the ancient church

Floats in clouds of pink.

Cold and startling and beautiful —

Another gift from nature.

Freezing cold pink fog

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Pushing the limits

Yesterday the temperature dropped down to minus 25 C

In the frosted early morning.

I went out on the ice – but stayed out way too long –

One and a half hours… With no breakfast.

Bright view copy

Came back with a frost damaged face

And spent the rest of the day in bed sick.

Just goes to show that you shouldn’t

Be bound by your limits —

But you should know what your limits are!

Thank you in advance for your kind comments – I won’t be replying to them today

As I need to recover.


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Golden glow


The sun – just like life –

Burns us not with its heat,

But with its passion,

Its beauty

And its golden glow.

(And yes, it was a very cold sunset!)

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The message

I wake to a world of plummeting temperatures and snow.

Minus 25 C. It’s cold. Very cold.

My glasses are white with a thick layer of ice.

Not a bus or train in sight. Freezing.

I’m on the verge of giving up the wait.

Then, suddenly, a sound…

A woodpecker.

Beating out a message on the frozen bark of a tree.

It’s a drum roll that speaks of determination,

Of patience and hope.

Of the promise of better things to come.

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The Viking Dog

Imagine if you will …

Cold winter sunshine,

An iced over lake swarming with dog walkers and ice skaters,

Temperatures well below freezing.

Suddenly, on the way home, we arrive at the little bridge over the cold stream feeding into that frozen, frozen lake.

It’s the only open water for miles around and the meeting place for shivering ducks.

And yet – it is tempting, so tempting.

“Will I? Won’t I?”

Why not?

It’s refreshing, very refreshing!

After taking the plunge, Oscar shakes diamonds into the air and trots home, satisfied with his long winter walk.

Life is so much better when you carry sunny weather in your heart…

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The warming cold

– 25 C out. Swaddled like a penguin, I march out with the dog in defiance of the cold.

Glowing cheeks, icicles in nose, frosty eyelashes.

Mountains of snow to thrill and chill.

Feeling frozen. Living in this Viking freezer.

Suddenly, a warming sight greets me.

A golden sun painting the scene with warm yellow tones.

Beauty that takes my breath away and leaves me

Anticipating the next cold walk at sunset.

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Cold beauties

I’m British, so of course, I like to talk about the weather! After all, what can be more fickle (apart from politicians)?

Since I moved to Sweden 13 years ago, I’ve had to get used to sights like this one…

Are you sure you can bear it? Oh – the snow, the ice, the bone-chilling cold…




However, if you can dance on the ice, then you can triumph over the cold!

And then, in really chilly weather, you might come across this…



If you’re squeamish, please close your eyes now!

…. Are your eyes averted?


That’s right – frosted hair! (My neighbour usually has lovely brown hair.)

Why is she smiling?

Well, it might just have something to do with views like this!

I’m not sure I can bear anymore though…



So much cold beauty to enjoy!

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