90 thoughts on “Christmas swimming

  1. Glorious, colorful skies, Fiona, and breathtaking captures as always! And, thanks as always for sharing the beauty!! A great way to begin my day!! I hope you have a wonderful; weekend!! Enjoy!!


  2. GORGEOUS photographs, Fiona! The colors are amazing! And I love the beautiful words you used to thread the images together.

    Have a super weekend, my friend! Hope you’re all settled in to your new home!


  3. In the post ‘Cycling with dog’ dog’s name is no accident. Remembering Oscar Ruby and I decided to put that name knowing that you’d realize you detail. I’ve always liked the golden retriever.
    That is, the post has been a gift to you, not a coincidence.


    · LMA · & · CR ·


  4. Brrrrr, det så veldig kaldt ut! Men retrivere elsker jo vann, så det skal vel litt til før de ikke kaster seg uti 🙂 Nydelige bilder som sukkertøy” for øyet!

    God helg … klem fra Irene


  5. Beautiful!
    We have it cold here in Wisconsin tonight. Temps are dropping fast -10 degrees and still going down. We might have a snow dog in the sky in the morning. That is the fun part of cold weather. 🙂


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