106 thoughts on “Cherry skies

  1. I love the beautiful vivid colours – I will never tire of blossom. Maybe it’s because it’s only here for such a short time that I can’t wait to see it every year 馃檪


  2. hi, fi! i’m stopping back on behalf of inger at desert canyon living. she’s been unable to comment on wordpress blogs lately. she heard from another wordpress blogger that she had been tagged in wordpress as spam! she asked if you’d check to see if she’s landed there on your blog, too. if so, she’d love it if you could remove her from there so she can comment here again! she loves your blog!


    1. Many thanks for letting me know.

      Another friend has also had problems commenting on all WordPress blogs at the moment since updating her browser.

      I’ve changed some of the settings, so hope that she can now comment.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  3. Yea Spring–and I love your pinks! The kids do laugh that they would rather see pics of our flowering trees rather than be around to smell them–as they emit a fishy sort of smell. Pretty but yuck!


  4. Thanks for letting me know that you got it fixed. I re-entered my email so I hope it works with it in as well. I told Theresa that even is all I say on my comments on ladyfi’s blog is: BEAUTIFUL, I really want her to know I have been here. You know I love Sweden, the landscapes, the water ways, nature, that you capture so well. Let’ try this….


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