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Beautiful brevity

The sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms,

Remind us that life is short and beautiful.


Buds and blossoms thrive

On the same branch – and so can we if we really try.


The pink froth of the petals

Reminds us that time and blossoms are fleeting, fragile and fabulous.


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With a cherry on top

Last week, I passed the park with the Japanese sakura trees very early in the morning.

It was minus degrees, frosty and very cold —

But that didn’t stop this photo shoot (the model had bare feet)!

Cold feet.jpg

Later on that week, I returned on a sunnier day

Just in time for a wedding photo shoot under the blossoms.


You can’t help but smile

Underneath that candy floss canopy of flowers!

(I’m only posting once this week as I’m away filming at the end of the week.)


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Pink petal profusion

One of the highlights of spring is enjoying the sakura

Or Japanese cherry blossoms in the centre of Stockholm.

Fallen petal carpet.jpg

The sakura speak to us of

What is possible


And of petalled beauty

That lasts only a short time,

Petal profusion.jpg

Blooming without holding back

Pretty in pink.jpg

And reminding us that life is like the sakura:

Fleeting, fragile, fabulous.

PInks copy.jpg

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Fleeting beauty

Once again, I found myself back at the Japanese cherry blossom trees without my ‘big’ camera;

Once again I did the best I could with my mobile phone.

I gasped as I looked down the south alley:

Most of the sakura blossoms had already fallen

Creating a magical world of petals and light.


In Japan, people contemplate the fallen petals

As a reminder of how fleeting life is.


The trees on the north side

Were bursting out in pink pops of joy.

PInk canopy

Everyone – no matter religion or nationality –

Was united in pure enjoyment of the blossoms.

(Look at the big grin on the face of the woman to the right of the monks.)


Just as I was leaving, the sun burst through the clouds

Reminding me that there is beauty in those brief moments we call life.

Dramatic sky

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Pink heaven

I had planned to take my big camera into Stockholm to photograph the sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms,

But the hail and rain meant that the camera stayed dry at home. (All these photos were taken with my iPhone.)

I decided to revel in the pink beauty of the blossoms anyway,

And I’m glad I did.

Blossoms - alley

The blossoms on the north side

Remained curled up in bud


While the flowers were blossoming on the south side,

Looking so fragile and pretty against the rain.


My spirits soared at the sight

Of a dreamy pink canopy weaved

Of dreams and petals.


“In the cherry blossom’s shade,

There is no such thing as a stranger.” — Issa


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Cherry on top

Every year, the sakura – or Japanese cherry blossoms –

Spread pretty pops of pink elation in downtown Stockholm.

Blossoms and buds

They hang like

Petalled bunches from the trees;


Are gorgeous

Clouds of blossoms in the sky;

Clouds of petals

Float in the air

Like pink tutus;

Pink tutus copy

And remind us

That life, like the cherry blossom,

Is fragile, fleeting and beautiful.

With bokeh

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Cherry skies

What could be more delicious

Than a swirl of blue,

Cherry sky copy

Fragile petals shining

In the spring sun

Blue and pink

And an entire sky

Of pink blossoms?

Blossoms copy

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Fleeting beauty

There is nothing as joyful

As walking underneath the pink clouds

(Waving gently in the wind)

Of the sakura or Japanese cherry blossoms.

Blur copy

They remind us that life

Is intense and fleeting

Bright copy

As it follows the natural cycles

Of birth and death and renewal.


They flower for such a short time, like us,

And remind us that we too are as beautiful

And transient as a cherry blossom.

Open and shut copy

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Nest of blossoms

How wonderful to live up high

In a nest of blossoms

And beauty.

If only we might fall like cherry blossoms in the spring

So pure and radiant. — Anonymous

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The blossoms of life

A couple of weeks ago

I went to see the sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms, in the centre of Stockholm.

Walking under the trees was like entering a fairytale cave —

And you couldn’t help feeling uplifted and joyous.

The cherry blossoms remind us of life itself:

Of its extreme beauty

And vibrant colour  —

And they also remind us that life is fleeting.

So we need to bloom as beautifully as we can

While we can.

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