Winter bouquet (or bokeh)

We’ve hardly had any snow this year – only a smattering to cover the ground for a day or two.

No matter how little – I always feel as if I’ve won the lottery when it begins to snow.

The white petals have a way of transforming life into something softer, more golden.

The bare bones of flowers look like twinkling stars;

A birdhouse becomes a cheerful red hat with white trimming;

And even a weathered post becomes a silver-haired object of beauty.

(Yes – Mum and Dad: Just like you guys!)

For more snowy (or sunny) beauty, please visit: Our World.

89 thoughts on “Winter bouquet (or bokeh)

  1. I do love the snow, too, as you’ll see on my post for the day — although it isn’t something we see that often in Seattle, we do have it now and for the next few days! Your photos are superb as always!! Hope you have a great week!



  2. You can have some of our snow! We’ve had more than normal in the city (although they are also begging for snow at the ski resorts. Lovely pictures as always!


  3. Lady Fi iti s so good to see the amazing pictures and the way you weave poetic verses around them! Comparing the fresh snow with silver tresses of Mom and Dad was truly imagination at its best!


  4. It just started snowing here about an hour ago. There is not a lot expected but I am looking forward to going out for a walk with Dodger in the quiet beauty. Your pictures are, as usual, lovely.


  5. The second and last shots are my favorite! Not having snow is a blessing in some ways but I imagine a photographer looks forward to it even more . . . you have made excellent use of the snow that did fall! 🙂


  6. Loved the warmth in the second photo from the top. Great snow shots Fi! Isn´t it funny how we bitch when there is snow and we bitch when there isn´t snow…we´re never satisfied but there is something special when mother nature is wrapped in her winter blanket…resting peacefully in the dark of winter…have a great day my friend!


  7. I believe you’re right Lady fi, and I would love to see it for myself, but for the moment I will have to enjoy it vicariously through your beautiful images!!


  8. Another set of outstanding photos. Your attention to the smallest detail, along with a fantastic eye for it result in some of the most beautiful photos around.


  9. How I yearn to take photos like that!!! They almost make me like snow….almost!!! Heeehehehe! I especially
    love the shot of the old weathered post…kinda like me too!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a cozy day enjoyin’ the icin’ on the earth!!!


  10. I’m with you on that! Can’t wait for it to be a true winter here………

    yes, I have a macro lens now. Now I can really get ‘up close and personal’!


  11. I agree with you on the impressions of the first snow fall, however I only feel this way in December.;) Comes January, I want spring to commence.;) Nevertheless, beautiful photography of gentle snowfall.;)


  12. Love that second shot…it’s fun to get close-in and see the world a little differently. And I’m with you on loving snow, when the flakes start falling my mood always improves. The packed ice on the sidewalks after the snow’s been here a week or so? That’s a different story!


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