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Floating in fog

One morning, I stepped out

Into a world of magical, freezing fog.


Standing on the top of a cliff,

It felt as if I were floating in a fairytale kingdom,


Where the reflections of the clouds

Were mirrored on the fog.


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Pearls of gold

It was the magical ending to a day on the frozen lake:

Pearls of gold

And the deep silence that only snow can bring.

Magical snow copy

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Frosted delight

Come and let’s take a walk through my enchanted world.

In the early morning, the freezing temperatures

Create art out of silver beeches


And the hoar-frosted trees frame

The pyramid of the swings at the end of our street.

Hoar frost swings

Once out on the lake, I walk past

An enchanted red boat house

Hiding among frosted branches.

Hoar frost - red house copy

Zooming out with my lens, I see the boat house

Belongs to this summer cottage

Patiently waiting for warmer days.

As for me, I’m enjoying the last cold days

Of magical hoar frost and ice.

Hoar frost - red house 2

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Magical light

When the sky burns bright

As the sun sets

And the red turns

Into a magical purple tapestry…

Then the only response possible

Is one of wonder

And thankfulness.

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Magical balloons

The long Scandinavian summer evenings are magical.

But some are more magical than others.

Especially when hot air balloons

Swoop through the golden skies

Like hearts

Before gracefully landing

Somewhere beyond the horizon.

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Winter bouquet (or bokeh)

We’ve hardly had any snow this year – only a smattering to cover the ground for a day or two.

No matter how little – I always feel as if I’ve won the lottery when it begins to snow.

The white petals have a way of transforming life into something softer, more golden.

The bare bones of flowers look like twinkling stars;

A birdhouse becomes a cheerful red hat with white trimming;

And even a weathered post becomes a silver-haired object of beauty.

(Yes – Mum and Dad: Just like you guys!)

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Water lily enchantment

The first night of October, with the sun setting, and a delicious foggy darkness falling, we lined up to visit the Bergius Botanical Gardens for their first ever night-time event!

To escape the crowds, we took our torches to the Victoria Greenhouse, where the biggest, most magical, lily pads you’ve ever seen were floating in candlelight.

The Giant Water Lily (Victoria amazonica) is an amazing 8 metres in diameter. It blossoms only for two nights – the first night with white petals; the second in soft pink.

The circular greenhouse – built specially to house the enormous round lily pads – was bathed only in candlelight and the flicker of visitors’ torches.

Water lilies seemed to float in the air, glowing like pearls.

And humble leaves, seeing their lovely reflections in the water,

Gasped in amazement at their transformation into art.

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Flying without feathers

Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from knowing the joy of flight. — Lane Wallace

I’m visiting my family back home in England, so I won’t be able to visit your blogs for the next two weeks. (I will have a few  posts going up now and then so please do pop in for a visit.)

I wish you many magical skies!