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Golden threads

Wonderful things happen when the sun

Breaks through in a ball of golden glow.

Golden glow.jpg

The sunshine hitting cold ground

Creates an angel of light

As fog rises to meet the dawn.

Angel rising.jpg

Cobwebs strung across the fields

Are delicate, golden threads


And feathery fluff from wild flowers

Rests among friends in a field

Of golden bokeh.

(By the way, it started to snow here on November 1st!)

Golden bokeh.jpg

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Honeyed light

The evening sun

Shone like honey in the cherry blossom tree,


Creating dancing light

Behind paper-thin pink petals.

Bokeh copy

Buds burst open

To drink in that spring treacle


And danced

On the edge of light.


Even this shot where I didn’t focus properly

Has a lovely abstract quality about it:

The essence of spring light.


(Photos straight out of the camera.)

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Doing the salsa

Winter is at its best during early spring.

Bright snow

After days of warmth,

A fresh snowfall looks so pretty.

Dogs in snow

The hazel flowers covered in ice

Captured my imagination.

Icy hazel

Spring is about taking two steps back

And one step forward —

So we may as well enjoy the spring salsa.


Just like Ruby

And Simson (that’s him goofing around in the background) do.

Goofing off

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Holding up the sky

Inside iron, you can find velvet;

Inside the hard, a soft centre —

And in the petal, there resides

The strength to hold up the sky.

Flower copy

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Frosted times

Let me take you back to the end of October last year,

To a cold day of frosted eyelashes on leaves.

Eyelashes copy

It was a stunning bright day

Perfect for a drive out to the horse ranch

Sporting its old Grand Central clock on the side of the barn.

Grand central

The brilliance of the sun

Turned the wires into art

Frosted wire

And behind the frosted thistles

I discovered a secret world of rainbow bubbles.

Frosted bokeh copy

On the way home, I stopped to admire

The endurance of this ancient rune stone

(And to wonder if the Simpsons was based on the pattern on the stone…

Look at those eyes!)

Old rune stone

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Shooting from the foot

I like to try out new (slightly crazy) ways of taking shots.

Like placing the camera near the ground and letting it focus on whatever it wants.

I don’t look through the viewfinder so have no way of knowing what is in the frame.

The results? An abstract moonscape made out of mushrooms;

A family nestled close to each other for comfort;

A rainbow captured in the soft down of a dandelion —

And the deliciously dewy grass of early autumn.

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Spider art

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up

To the eerie sight of a world wrapped in

A cocoon of spider webs.

The sparkling grass

Rocked a small web hammock to sleep.

A luminous spider

Hung suspended on a necklace of pearls.

And I saw the universe

Beautifully reflected in a row

Of crystal dew drops.

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Winter bouquet (or bokeh)

We’ve hardly had any snow this year – only a smattering to cover the ground for a day or two.

No matter how little – I always feel as if I’ve won the lottery when it begins to snow.

The white petals have a way of transforming life into something softer, more golden.

The bare bones of flowers look like twinkling stars;

A birdhouse becomes a cheerful red hat with white trimming;

And even a weathered post becomes a silver-haired object of beauty.

(Yes – Mum and Dad: Just like you guys!)

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