We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.  — Chekov

And sometimes, we find all three things in one:

A dog

Draped in a necklace of snowflakes.

For those of you who asked, yes – Oscar has his own Facebook Page.

For more wintry critters, please visit: Camera Critters.

70 thoughts on “Dog

  1. –My Heart just skipped a beat.

    Oscar makes me overflow w/ love.

    Xx thanks, Lady Fi.

    Love the Chekov quote. I shall use it for my status. X
    –What is he gazing at so lovingly?


  2. Beautiful picture….beautiful dog.
    Dodger has been asking for his own FB page, but we haven’t given in yet. I think Oscar is much more mature than Dodger and will handle it well.


  3. I used to think I didn’t particularly like dogs, now they bring joy to me every day (including the newly-rescued chihuahua who just walked across the keyboard).


  4. Gorgeous. What a wise old soul, what beauty in that face, what nobility and dignity in those eyes and that majestic gaze…I love this photo! And this reminded me of this song by Cat Stevens, titled “I Love My Dog.” Here it is in all its glory for you to enjoy! I hope you like it. Thank you so much for such a lovely and beautiful and gorgeous blog with so many wonderful and awe inspiring images! 😀


  5. Oscar is a lovely fella, I like the way you’ve composed this shot Lady Fi, is that your reflection I see in the corner of his eye?? Nice ..


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