Can a dog smile?

It was a glorious winter day

With snow, sun and sparkles on the trees.

That made me smile.


A long walk with friends

To chase


— That’s what made Simmie smile.

Laughing Simmie.jpg

After two hours of running around

And enjoying the scenery —

We were all tired and happy.

(That’s my Ruby on the right as you look at the photo and Simmie on the back left

With Jessie, Ruby’s puppy, standing in front of him.)


For more smiles, please go to: Our World.


87 thoughts on “Can a dog smile?

  1. Underbara bilder ❤
    … och visst kan hundar le! Hundar ger uttryck för känslor och vi kan läsa dem precis som hundarna läser av oss. Personligen tycker jag att framförallt ögonen hos hundarna visar mycket känslor. Och at det är lyckliga hundar på de härliga bilderna går inte att ta fel på 😉 Tack för vackra och glädjefyllda bilder.


    P.S Titta gärna in på min blogg och framförallt på bilderna av FM-hundarna. Hundar visar känslor! Titta gärna på mamma Fatzy. Visst kan man se både stolthet och glädje hos henne? Och även den små valparna uttrycker känslor. (
    PS 2. I am sorry that I write in Swedish. I do that because I am not so good at writing in english. I can read, but writing is hard for me (as You can see)


  2. Happy dogs and happy people … sharing in the crisp outdoors!
    Doesn’t get much smilier than that!
    Or perhaps, when the weathers warms up a bit 😉


  3. Loved your post. I volunteer at an animal shelter. I try to make the animals a little more comfortable while they wait for a home. All the dogs especially, are so special. And yes, they smile, and show joy and loss. Beautiful photos.


  4. To me, dogs can smile. They will let you know they are smiling with their faces, body movement and excitement.


  5. Smiles all round! Beautiful shots. We are waiting to hear if we have a golden retriever puppy. 🙂


  6. Yes, I absolutely do think a dog can smile!

    I mean look at the smiles on their faces in that last photograph. It’s like one big group SMILE 🙂

    What a beautiful capture, Fiona! Mad me smile 🙂

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  7. Heisann…. Yessss, they love it! Our dog and my husband have their third walk today for the moment. I had liked to walk with them, but my troat is bad. Happy Easter ;:OD)


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