Mist, reflecting

When I woke up this morning, it was very misty

With the sun struggling through foggy veils.

Long line.jpg

That reminded me of all the moments of joy

When we lived down by the lake

And I could step outside in my dressing gown

To enjoy the sky kissing the water.


For more mist-ical shots, please visit: Skywatch.

87 thoughts on “Mist, reflecting

  1. Fiona, these photographs took my breath away. They’re exquisite. Mystical.

    As always, thanks so much for sharing the beauty with us!

    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!


  2. Wonderful lavender/purple hues — . I’m sorry you can’t go outside in your dressing gown any more (life is full of compromises is it not?)… I have the same thing now in Oregon. Out in the country in the RV Park it was fine (everybody there is a bit eccentric anyway). In the City where our apartment is now, I can’t get away with that behavior. (Well, I probably could actually, Eugene is pretty laid-back, but I wouldn’t be comfortable.)


  3. Do you miss the lake, Fi? That scene holds so much ever-changing beauty. But, i enjoy your forest shots now – exploring a different area is good!


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