Rolling hill skies

I’m off to visit my parents in England.

They live in a small village

Nestled at the foot of the rolling hills of the Downs.

Golden fields.jpg

For me, the golden fields

And wide open skies

Embody the beauty of the English countryside.

Blue swirls sky.jpg

And finding two horses nuzzling each other

Is just the cherry on top of the cake.

Two horses.jpg

(I’ll be back in a week, but the Our World link will be up and running as usual on Monday evening.)

For more beauty, please visit: Skywatch.


85 thoughts on “Rolling hill skies

  1. Wow! Awesome landscape and open sky… creating wonderful vista. I too love the countryside’s of England, which I have seen only on Internet 🙂


  2. MAGNIFICENT photographs, Fiona! The first one especially took my breath away. I love where the sky meets the open field – WOW!

    Have a terrific time on your trip, my friend. Safe journey to you! See ya when you get back!


  3. Rolling hills are what I love the best! Like you, they remind of the England of my childhood and growing up years!


  4. I hope this Easter fill your home with peace, joy
    and lots of colorful Easter eggs and I wish you a very
    happy Easter, filled with lots of love and happiness …



  5. Safe and happy travels ! And happy Easter to you and the whole extended family! It’s wonderful when people you love and would visit as often as you could no matter where they lived are in a gorgeous place like this!


  6. Oh that sky! It’s the wide and vivid blue of it all that draws my heart out bigger.
    So much air in a place like that! Thanks for inviting our eyes into the wonder.
    Hope your visit is as spacious as that lovely land,


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