Wide horizons

Part of the joy of life

Is broadening our horizons, seeing new skies

And experiencing new things.

Here’s a London view:

London view

Travel is a great way of doing this —

And of discovering that our little part of the world

Isn’t the centre of things.

Travel helps us discover that there isn’t only one way of doing things —

But many ways.

Here’s a New York view:

NY sky

For that reason, my daughter and I

Are leaving the cozy horizons of Stockholm —

Known as ‘The Venice of the North’ —

(See photo below)

For the real Venice in Italy.

Can’t wait!

Moody Stockholm skies_copy

(Back next week – so I might not be able to visit you all.)

In the meantime, please visit: Skywatch for great skies

And Our World, for a glimpse into new discoveries.

117 thoughts on “Wide horizons

  1. “Part of the joy of life

    Is broadening our horizons

    And experiencing new things. Travel is a great way of doing this.”

    You are so right about that, Fiona. Traveling to me is such a great way to meet new people, experience how other’s live, and broaden your horizons through education.

    Gorgeous photographs! And it’s ironic you posted a shot a NYC because I may be going there this weekend. I love that city 🙂

    Have a wonderful time in Italy. That’s a place I have not visited but want to someday. Looking forward to your photographs!


  2. Dramatic horizons captured on lens, Fiona! So true that travelling is a kind of a glimpse into new discoveries!! So glad to see that we share same idea about this subject! I’ll look forward to see images from your trip and till then enjoy your wonderful time in Venice!


  3. We loved visiting Venice years ago, and just last week on TV we saw the new Rick Steves’ show on this magical city and relived the memories. October is a good month to travel it Italy. It won’t be steamy hot like in July when we visited. Bon voyage!


  4. Great captures as always, Fiona!! And I am excited for you and your daughter!!! I do love Venice!! Can’t wait to see your photos when you return!! Have a fabulous trip!!


  5. wow, movint to venice will be a big change!!! i can’t wait to see your photos from italy!!! even if i’ll miss those beautiful afternoon skies from stockolm…


  6. Oh, I’m so envious of all of your travels – but happy for you at the same time…and for me because I’ll get to see
    Venice again, at least through your photos!


  7. I am very excited about your trip! I wish you enjoyable and very memorable time. I will be waiting for you photos!

    These are all brilliant photographs! And breathtaking.

    Warm wishes to you and all the best!!!!


  8. j’aime beaucoup le deuxième cliché,comment fais-tu pour avoir ce rendu et couleurs de ces deux derniers clichés,peux-tu me répondre dans mon blog…merci d’avance car ça m’intéresse le nom du logiciel ou de l’application…


  9. Broadening horizons and experiencing new things. Rightly said. Travel is one of the ways this can be done.

    Wonderful pics. I think this is the best of the best. THe more I see such pics, the more I want to travel 🙂


  10. I agree, I love the comforts of our home, our lakes & woods, the quiet safety of the land we know.. but nothing inspires me or makes me feel more alive than going to places in this world where I’ve never been. Have a wonderful time together!
    (As always – your beautiful photos are a joy, too.)


  11. Probably a great time to leave for that other Venice, as it may be getting cold in Stockholm. I loved your capture of London, you are such an artist with the camera. Have a wonderful trip. And I’m looking forward to some great pictures from Venice in the south.


  12. I am sure you will have a fabulous time in Venice. Just looking through all of your fall pictures that I missed. It looks like the season is providing you with plenty of great photo ops.


  13. A picture postcard-worthy shot of London, with a different perspective of the Eye. May you and your daughter have safe travels to and from Italy – you will, I am sure, have a great time exploring Venice. As with many others, I look forward to seeing some images of your exploits upon your return 🙂


  14. Have a wonderful time, and take lots of photos!!! Silly thing to say, as I know you will do both!
    I love the light in the New York photo!!


  15. PS….your plea on Our World Tuesday…regarding the word verification…it’s through the grapevine that I heard Blogger is going to have this enabled on EVERYone’s blog eventually UNLESS you’re signed in with the administrator login info….it’s to keep the anonymous/robots from spamming. There is no way to actually shut word verification down any more…even if you have it ‘off’ in your settings. Remember, before commenting, just be logged into your account and all should be well.


    1. Ah – thanks for the info. I comment logged into my WordPress account so the word verification is always on.

      I wonder if it would help to switch the verification to numbers instead of letters as then you only have to type in three numbers…

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  16. Lovely! For your shot of Stadshuset, you were probably standing about a two minute walk from “our” apartment (the friend’s place where we get to live when we’re in town). Sighhhhhh…now, of course, I want to travel again too!!! Have a grand and glorious time on your adventures, dear one! 😀


  17. Dear LadyFi, travel really does broaden one’s perspective and view of life. The meeting of new people and seeing the way they live and laugh and smile and work and play keeps me feeling the Oneness of All Creation.

    Your photographs are lovely and I especially liked the one of New York, which seemed to have an overlay on it. Peace.


    1. That ‘overlay’ in the New York shot is the perspex shield at the top of the Rock, where I was standing to take the photo.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  18. Beautiful pictures out of “Our World”

    I very much agree what you say about word verification. What upsets me even more is “comment moderation”. You just can’s see what you have written and the other comments until the Blogger has woken up and checked his emails. Why not putting the comment settings on
    Moderation Either
    For posts older than 1, 2 or 3 days ? I have set comment moderation after 5 days. Meanwhile I have time to delete unwanted comments !


  19. Hi Fi, beautiful skyline. I recall you saying on my blog that Word Verification was on. And now I see your comment on Our World Tuesday as well. I went into my settings, but I have my WV off. I’m not sure where else to look. Any suggestions and help will be most welcome. Thanks for hosting this wonderful meme. Greetings, Jo (East Africa)


    1. The rumour I’ve heard is that word verification now has to be on by default and can’t be switched off. You might want to choose number verification though as this is only three digits as opposed to the very long words on the alphabetical verification.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


  20. How completely delightful, Fiona! I can’t wait to see your pictures and read about your experiences. Safe travels to you. xoxo


  21. I’m catching up (as always). Judging by your subsequent posts, it looks like you had a great trip. Very nice skies in these great photos.


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