Autumn is a time of exuberant energy —

It’s quite zensational, in fact.


The golden coins of leaves

Hang like happy suns in the trees;

Golden coins

The light in the woods

Is magical.

Light copy

Everywhere you go,

You can see flying leaves

(Those black dots aren’t dirt, they are leaves!)

And beautiful views.

Golden view

And the best thing about autumn

Is that you’re never too old

To frolic in the leaves.

Ruby leaves

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104 thoughts on “Zen-sational

  1. The expression on Ruby’s face is just perfect! I think I looked like that a few times yesterday, sitting among the leaves along the Mississippi River!


  2. A sudden smile flashes on my face. How charming and how meditative she is! Your photos and your words are really magical!


  3. I love that picture of Ruby on the bench – she is so happy, just soaking up the sunshine!!!
    Isn’t it hard to get a good photo of falling leaves?


  4. I’m sooooo zen … right now!! Just like Ruby….. and I need a bench… LOL… Magical dreamy mood… so inspired!! Thank you for these beauty brought to us… a good day to all!


  5. Oh, I do love seeing Ruby and how much she is enjoying the beautiful weather!! So much wonderful gold in your world today, Fiona, and terrific captures as always!! Hope you both have a great week and do give her a pat for me!!


  6. Awesome …. what a color. Very nice warm and golden tones.
    Nice also to see them. Golden retriever between the “gold” leaves Very well done and very nicely photographed:-)


  7. Awww beautiful images, Fiona. It looks like Ruby was just made for autumn gold.. but I suspect I’ll say that about her and winter, spring and summer also.


  8. Fiona, the expression of Ruby’s face in that first photograph is so PRECIOUS! It totally epitomizes pure pleasure!

    Stunning captures! I especially love the ones of the flying leaves and the light in the woods. MAGICAL!


  9. Thats a very mellow looking dog! Just soaking up some rays!

    I hope word verification is now off – blogger become self aware and decided I needed it turned on, and then would not let me turn it off!!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  10. one of the things i miss most about living up north is autumn. because of yes, the leaves. the glorious golden leaves!! lovely captures


  11. Ruby is meditating and thinking deep thoughts. (No, wait, I think it is you thinking deeply.). She is thinking about retrieving her tennis ball. Each of you making the most of your beautiful golden Autumn days!


  12. I just read a poem, in which the first line was ”This place of edges’. These shots and your words feel like kindred spirits to that opening line of that poem.


  13. A golden dog among golden leaves, it doesn’t get much better than that. I also looked at your previous posts and they are so beautiful. I am glad you like to take pictures of nature in the old country.


  14. Ruby’s having a ball … literally … and I feel something magical inside when autumn leaves float through the air. There’s simply nothing else in the world like it. I love this splendid season. xoxo to you Fiona


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