Venetian skies

My daughter and I have just enjoyed five magical days in Venice.

I haven’t had time to sort through my many photos, but I love the skies I managed to captured on my mobile phone.

The early mornings

Were often dazzling and golden;


And sometimes the quiet back streets

Offered up gifts of moody clouds

And beautiful views.

Moody morning

For more gorgeous skies, please visit: Skywatch.

107 thoughts on “Venetian skies

  1. Hello Fiona
    I hope you had a good stay in this magical city
    not many people early in the morning and a very pleasant time for the lights! Congratulations to these two beautiful pictures
    Beautiful weekend


  2. I gasped out loud! OHH! These take my breath away! I can’t wait to see more, and so have this visit on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!


  3. So sure that you have had a magnificent time in Venice, seeing lots of special aspects, gorgeous skies, like the ones above, and in time we are going to look at them in your future next wonderful and magical posts. I’m looking forward, knowing that exquisite details, from daily walks, will appear revealed by your camera lens!! A good day of sunny autumn!


  4. Fiona, I was waiting anxiously to see your photographs of Venice and you didn’t disappoint. OMG…these two photographs alone are magnificent. What beautiful skies! Truly, your talent with a camera is amazing. And I look forward to seeing more 🙂

    Welcome back!


  5. What a marvelous city.. I have always read and heard things about Venice… Would love to visit there myself sometime… Can’t wait to see more of your photos… Thanks for sharing.


  6. Breathtaking skies and colors and superb captures as always! And your captures are – – as always a great way to start the day!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  7. Positively exquisite captures Fiona – you do indeed have a wonderful gift with your photographic skills and I am grateful you choose to share the results. So glad you and daughter had a lovely time in magical Venice.


  8. Both photos have such depth – I felt as though I was seeing those scenes first-hand. Will look forward to your others! What gorgeous light.


  9. Oh my gosh, just pure magic. A feast for the eyes and if these are with your phone I can’t even imagine how beautiful the rest wll be. I was sure you’d have a wonderful time, but it is always glad to know you had a great trip and are home safely.


  10. Ah, lucky you! I long to visit Italy, land of 1/4 of my forebears. 🙂 I love the first photo, especially – a beautiful, ancient light on a beautiful, ancient city. Magical!


  11. Very special to see. The golden light in your first photo and the threatening clouds in your second picture. Nice contrast and very nice color.


  12. Bravo for your incredible images of this place full of inspiration, one of my favorites on Earth; this last one is in particular magic and full of creativity and taste, the blend of B&W and washed tones, love it! Hugs


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