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Postcards from London

My hotel in London was right opposite the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Here’s Tower Bridge with elegant accents of blue.


It was cloudy for almost all of my visit –

But I did manage one pink morning (snapped on my mobile phone).


Parts of the old Roman wall of London

Are visible every now and then.

(I like the way the old stone is reflected in the modern glass on the left.)


One late evening saw us in Chinatown

Under red flags and a popcorn-cloud sky.


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Shard reflections

The Shard is an iconic skyscraper in London:

95 stories high (306 metres tall), it’s made up of 11,000 glass panels,

And reflects the clouds. (It was very hot, and cloudy when I was there.)


While I was in London, I came across the Shard in unusual places –

Here it is glimpsed from an alleyway on the other side of the river.


On my last night, the sun finally burst through the cloud cover

Giving me a gorgeous view of the Thames and the Shard.


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Wide horizons

Part of the joy of life

Is broadening our horizons, seeing new skies

And experiencing new things.

Here’s a London view:

London view

Travel is a great way of doing this —

And of discovering that our little part of the world

Isn’t the centre of things.

Travel helps us discover that there isn’t only one way of doing things —

But many ways.

Here’s a New York view:

NY sky

For that reason, my daughter and I

Are leaving the cozy horizons of Stockholm —

Known as ‘The Venice of the North’ —

(See photo below)

For the real Venice in Italy.

Can’t wait!

Moody Stockholm skies_copy

(Back next week – so I might not be able to visit you all.)

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That golden light

The kids and I spent a wonderful, long day in London recently —

And they had to pull me away as the sun was setting over the Thames.

The lamps were lit up by the golden glow of the sun

And the man seemed blissfully unaware of the seagulls flying up behind him …

Man on bridge

Even the double-decker buses looked romantic

As the molten carpet of light flowed over the water.

Golden water

However, I’m not really a big city kind of person

And am always grateful to be back by ‘my’ lake —

To enjoy its golden beauty.

The sunken boat in this photo reminds me of Rumi:

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure.”


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Of London and cucumbers

On my recent trip to England, we went sightseeing in London.

After meeting an old school friend, she took us to the Millennium Bridge.

“Look!” I said excitedly. “It’s the Cucumber.”

(Silly me – the building is actually known as The Gherkin.)

On our way to the bridge, we bumped into the Invisible Man.

Once over the bridge, I looked back to get a dramatic view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A boat ride on the Thames took us to the Embankment

And a wonderful view of the London Eye.

Tired out and happy, we made our way back home

With a pocketful of good memories.

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London skies

We arrived back yesterday so the house is full of unpacked cases and tired kids.

Of course, I have to keep my priorities straight by showing you some of the lovely dramatic skies that met us on our trip to England.

We had a fabulous day in London

And heard Big Ben tolling the hour.

The tower and spiky turrets against the dark clouds

Gave the buildings a wonderful Gothic feeling.

Peeking around the corner from the Houses of Parliament

Was the newly cleaned Westminster Chapel.

And, of course, with the Olympics starting on Friday

The view of London Bridge (and The Shard on the right)

Seems highly appropriate.

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