Fairy faces

Orchids! Don’t you love them?

They are flowers, but so much more.

These are known as Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) —


Although I think

They look more like purple-veined hummingbirds

Looking for honey than flying moths.


Up against the blue sky,

They regain their luminous wings of petals…

Into the light

But, if you lean in and take an intimate look,

You might be lucky enough to see the face of a fairy.

Orchid face copy

For more winged stories, please visit: Our World.

I’m out and about at a charming summer cottage by the sea this week, so may be a bit late in getting around to visit you all.

73 thoughts on “Fairy faces

  1. Superb captures of gorgeous flowers, Fiona!! The colors are exquisite! And, yes, I do see a fairy face! Thanks for a beautiful start to my day!!


  2. Just exquisite! I love orchids and have a large number of plants in the garden. They seem to thrive on abuse! My indoor orchids don’t do much, sadly. Your photos are gorgeous!


  3. What lovely and charming hummingbirds! I’m always amazed how you enjoy your pleasant unique imagination!


  4. I have (had???) a lovely orchid just like this. I may have killed it so your picture makes me kind of sad… But they are lovely (as always)! Cheers, Danette


  5. Orchids are so exotic, even though they are now quite commonly found at the grocery store. I have never looked into the eyes of an orchid fairy before! Thank you for pointing out that feature. In fact, I saw not only her face but winged body, legs, and little curly-toed fairy bootees. Delightful!(she does have an imish grin, though)


  6. Those are amazing! I see a little birds… Thanks for offering this great perspective of a beautiful flower!
    We have few orchids here.. but the Lady Slipper (an orchid) is our state flower, and I’m determined to find a Calypso Orchid some day.. we have them in the most remote of buggy swamps somewhere!


  7. I do love orchids, especially this variety. We have several of them indoors, and they always bloom during the grayest part of the winter, when there is such a lack of color.


  8. they do indeed as do pansies .. i once photo-shopped a little goatee on a pansy it looked so like it needed one


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