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Spring on ice is a lovely performance

With frozen splashes of purple,


Iced over buds of yellow


And the green candles of evergreens

Decorated with nature’s lights of ice.

(As you can see, we’ve have had some cold weather this week.)


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Spring bubbles

Before summer got into full swing over here,

Simson and I went out one early, dewy morning

To enjoy the happy suns of daffodils;


Dewy bubbles

On purple baubles

Dewy bubbles

And the vibrant splash

Of sunny silken petal.

Yellow copy

It was hard work for Simson to lie still

And watch me —

Just look at the concentration on his face!


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Crocus, rejoicing

Spring rejoices in the crocus —

Covering her with ice on those cold April mornings.


Spring comes dressed

As a single purple flower;


In a happy group

Of colours;

Happy group copy

Or in a trio

Of petals and shadow and beauty.

Crocus trio copy

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Lemon drizzle

One of the delights of having an early frost

Is that you can capture both frost and colour:

This is one of my favourite photos from October.

Frosted delight copy

The lemon tones

Were repeated in this frosted yellow beauty

Frosted yellow

While the late autumn cone flowers

Danced in icy tutus to the music of the wind.

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.  ~ Edwin Denby

Frosted cone flowers copy

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Fairy faces

Orchids! Don’t you love them?

They are flowers, but so much more.

These are known as Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) —


Although I think

They look more like purple-veined hummingbirds

Looking for honey than flying moths.


Up against the blue sky,

They regain their luminous wings of petals…

Into the light

But, if you lean in and take an intimate look,

You might be lucky enough to see the face of a fairy.

Orchid face copy

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I’m out and about at a charming summer cottage by the sea this week, so may be a bit late in getting around to visit you all.

Field of wishes

As I lay on my stomach trying to photograph

The lovely way the dandelions catch the evening light,

I thought to myself:


What do you see?

A weed —

Or wishes?

Blown copy

Suddenly, the wind blew

And the tiny wishes

Floated away, like sparkling fairy dust.


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Smell the flowers

Summer is here with its sun, its rain

And its beauty.

Time to enjoy the present, be outside more

And smell the flowers.

(This means I might not be able to visit you at the weekend.

But, as always, your warmth and comments are always much appreciated.)

Smell the flowers copy

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Fairies in wigs

They spread love and colour in spring

And most people know them as bleeding hearts.


They are also known as Lady in the Bath.

Here you can see the pale ladies in various stages of undress.

Lady in the bath

(Just in case you’re wondering how the flowers could deny gravity,

I need to confess to posting the picture upside down!)

However, every time I pass these flowers

I can’t help but see delicate fairies wearing bright pink wigs.

Fairies in wigs copy

No matter what you call them —

I think you’ll agree that they are wonderful, luminous beauties.

Luminous hearts

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Tentative spring

It’s still cold here

And there’s ice on the lake.

O and flower

But Oscar took me for a walk

To find the first tentative signs

Of spring.

Oscar and snowdrops

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I’m fighting a heavy cold so please excuse me if I don’t get round to visiting you.

Tropical cold

I love the contrast between the cold of winter

And the humid tropical temperature of visiting the greenhouse of the Botanical Gardens.

First off, you are greeted by a vibrant

Splash of colour as you go in…

Christmas red copy

Wandering around the more temperate parts of the greenhouse

You can see signs on some of the trees:

Happy Winter! I’ll wake up again when it’s spring.

(The same could be said for some of those people who don’t like winter…)

Happy winter

As you walk further back, you enter different regions — much hotter ones.

My camera lens fogged up and as it cleared,

I could just make out some kind of orchid

Swimming towards me like a fish with petals.

Fish flower

I fell in love with the fronds

And patterns of some tropical ferns.


Before I left, I spied the delicate

Pink tutu of a flower.

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”
– Indian Proverb

PInk tutu copy

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