Blue sky joy

We’re still at the charming cottage with the garden sloping down to the sea

And a private jetty inviting us to swim.

Swim 1

Each morning starts with a jump of joy

Under the blue jay skies of summer.

The day rushes by quickly when you’re having fun in the water.


(I only have a slow Internet connection so won’t be around much to visit you. Hope you’ll understand why!)

For more joy, please visit: Skywatch.

60 thoughts on “Blue sky joy

  1. Childhood memories that are going to last a lifetime….

    When we were kids we used to stay at the lake, it looks so much like this.



  2. WOW! So beautiful!! And what a great place to enjoy the summer and the sunshine and the water! I, too, love seeing Oscar and your son and they do seem to be having fun!!


  3. Pretty blue skies! Oscar looks like he is having fun with the kids playing in the water! Great shots! Happy Skywatching!


  4. its very hot here today (south uk)…i think running off the end of that pier would be just what the doctor ordered lol


  5. I think that people who dont walk to the end of jetties, just to have a look, need to reconsider how they are spending their time!

    Nice shots.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Australia


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