Paying attention

As the sun sets

Trailing behind a scarf reflected in the water —

Breathe in and out.

And pay attention to the those small golden moments.

If there is something Oscar has taught me, it is this:

The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention to the small details of life.

Oscar -sunset copy

For more golden moments, please visit: Skywatch.

Summer is short and the sun calling my name, so linking up to: Camera Critters.

107 thoughts on “Paying attention

  1. Great picture. And I think that the title would make a nice blog name!!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: I think I may have to get a dog!


  2. You have the most gorgeous sunsets! Oscar is a wonderful friend and companion. We should all take his advice and enjoy those golden moments.


  3. To have a lovely and wise companion like Oscar sure makes life happier and worthwhile. Lovely post wit yet another stunning photo, lady Fi!


  4. A beautifully serene scene, Fi. Your comment is a timely reminder: in the crazy pace of life it is so easy not to slow down and enjoy golden moments (… and I’m retired!) – but then again, photography does help one to do just that. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photography and gorgeous Oscar with us again.


  5. What a beautiful shot! Oscar is beautiful! Nice to be visiting you again. I’ve been away from blogging for a while now. Trying my hand again 🙂


  6. My husband and I are debating getting a dog. Every time I see a photo of Oscar I show him and say “If I could have a great dog like this, I’d have one in a heartbeat.”
    xo jj


  7. It’s not just the beautiful scene that makes this a great photo. It’s the moment! You caught the perfect moment…
    Love it!


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