And the Oscar goes to…

Please indulge me as I celebrate Oscar’s tenth birthday with some … well … Oscars (and very bad puns).

Oscar for best smile…

(Muzzle tof!)

Oscar for best yoga position …

(It’s ruff, but he can do it.)

And, of course, Oscar for best swimmer.

Paws for thought…

Perhaps that should be an Olympic Gold for swimming instead?

This is the end of my birthday tail —

You kennel stop growling at my bad puns now.

Your-key to getting away from all this is to visit: Camera Critters.

97 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. Hi Fiona, Love your PUNS—even if they make us groan!!!!! ha….

    Happy Birthday to the happiest doggie in the world. Getting to live where he lives has to be AWESOME.


  2. So looks like my dog who has passed on. I called mine Ginger. Such memories when you posted your lovely dog.

    Love your pictures of Oscar.


  3. Oh, Happy 10th Birthday indeed, Oscar!! And you can PUN as much as you like, always brings a smile and a giggle and those are always good!! Hope all of your have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. Happy birthday Oscar, you handsome creature you! Your “care-taker” ensures you have plenty of exposure, much to the delight of us bloggers. Your best swimmer performance gets my vote!


  5. Hi I love your puns, wished there are still more. That 2nd photo i love most most especially the colored ripples. But, in this part of the world, it takes almost forever opening this post, refreshed several times. Thanks also for your kind words in my post.


    1. Please excuse Elvira’s spelling. From the human side of this two sum. I to wish Oscar all the best. It is obvious he is a crucial part of your life let alone a perfect subject in your photos, His presence adds another of element of life an purpose within the frame -he often is the key to the feelings which the images evoke. The lens loves Oscar.


  6. Oh.. here comes a late Congrats with your birthday Oscar!! You are amazing, bathing at thsi time of year! real tough!! =)

    the photos are incredible!! =)


  7. happy birthday Oscar…you are so beautiful to me as you look exactly like my old doggie, who was not with me long enough and only had four birthdays and then crossed the bridge. The pictures are lovely.


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