The art of wilting gracefully

I think there is much to be said


For flowers (and people) that have blossomed out, lived life

And then begin to wilt gracefully.

Purple wilting.jpg

There is elegance in silken petals

(And lined faces).


Drooping flowers — and ageing people for that matter —

Have their own beauty and wisdom.


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79 thoughts on “The art of wilting gracefully

  1. YES—our flowers do that also. Some of them hang onto their blooms for a LONG time as they wilt…. Wonder if “I” am wilting gracefully –as I get old?????? ha ha



  2. Is that what I’m doing? Well I hope my wilting is graceful. seriously Fi, these are fabulous pictures–frame and display worthy.


  3. These photos are a departure from your usual landscapes, Fi. Thank you for the beautiful blooms and the words. Aging gracefully isn’t easy!


  4. Fiona, I LOVE your analogy of gracefully wilting flowers to aging. That’s brilliant because it’s so true!

    “Drooping flowers — and ageing people for that matter —

    Have their own beauty and wisdom.”


    Beautiful post! Beautiful photographs!

    Have a super week, my friend!


  5. oh yes I love this …it is tender and touching. And the photos are beautiful. Thanks you so much for all you do with your lovely photos and helping with the meme. Your blog is an ever changing work of art. I also always enjoy the folowers when they are a little wilted, like people.


  6. These tulips are certainly entering the last stages of their life with much grace and beauty. I especially love that last shot. So well captured.


  7. What a lovely post. I think people are always surprised by my reaction when very old people pass or even when people live to grand old ages. I believe life should be celebrated, especially because the people in my life (grandparents and aunts / uncles) have all died so young.


  8. a friend just asked if i prefer flowers in gardens or vases … i replied both are photogenic .. you proved it


  9. Oh you made me cry. Impart the images, then the words. In the past few weeks I have watch more flowers bow down with grace all over my home, Only to fuel more sadness then I think I have ever had to deal with. My mother passed away expectantly a month ago. Though the cut flowers are bright and cheery at first; watching them fade almost unbearable. They are all gone now, though the potted arrangements remain vibrant and am resolved to keep them for as long as possible.


    1. So sorry to hear about your mother… My parents are old and frail, and flowers remind me of them. And remind me of my own fading.

      Lady Fi wrote: > >


      1. You know I don’t feel like am fading. Then again I avoid mirrors and being in front of the lens like the plaque.And I don’t have children to date me.


  10. Good for you for hosting OWT. I tried, but failed. The timing didn’t work, I only got grief for mistakes, and no one would visit me. I was so discouraged.


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